Short Hike



We had non stop rain all night, this morning no rain but very foggy on the mountain. I decided to take a quick two mile hike before breakfast to check out the creek. The area in the picture is loaded with moss and is like a sponge when it rains. All of the moss is very  green from all the rain last night! Before I got home it was raining again and I got soaked, 🙂 it’s been raining all day.

After the hike we decided to drive to Landrum South Carolina, then on to Tryon North Carolina to browse the art, pottery and antique shops. We found a bunch of antiques today.


I have a New round cheese board – serving board I have added to my site. These make great gifts! Click this link, Round Cheese Boards to see more pictures of this board.



12 thoughts on “Short Hike

  1. That’s why mosses are so important. They release all that water slowly when it’s dry, to the benefit of all the other forest plants.
    It’s been raining all afternoon here but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.
    I like the graining on that board. Is it some kind of flame walnut?

    • I love seeing the moss! It’s good to get all the rain, tomorrow for us is another day of rain, 100% chance. The board in the pictures is black walnut, this piece was cut from the crotch so it has a lot off nice markings. 🙂

  2. I love the picture—eerie and other worldly. It rained on and off today here at the beach as well—and it is hot as heck!! More than I imagined it to be—so the rain has been welcomed—and the food is still good—rain or shine 🙂 Love that new board 🙂
    I bought some tupelo honey today with visions of your honey dippers doing their job 🙂
    Hugs Michael—-julie

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