Hilton Head Beach


This is Hilton Head beach, South Carolina! This week has been fun even though we have had a bit of rain Sunday and Monday. Today the temperatures have been in the mid 80 degrees.


The water is chilly but nice, my wife’s toes in the water!

I hope everyone is having a great week!


25 thoughts on “Hilton Head Beach

    • thank you Julie, I will tell her you said that!! All of her friends send each other pictures of their toes when they go to the beach! I plan on relaxing, I know when I get back it will be very busy which is a good thing! I have enjoyed the olive oil you sent me so much, planning to order some and extra for us and gifts! We ate seafood tonight and drank a bottle of wine, it was delicious and the wine was great! 🙂 big hugs!!

  1. The beach is so much nicer in late September and early October. So glad you and Deb have a chance to get away and relax this week. What a beautiful stretch of beach 😉 We used to get interesting drift wood wash up from time to time on Topsail, a little north of Hilton head just across the state line. Do you ever find interesting pieces of drift wood at Hilton Head?
    Best wishes, WG

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