Birds Eye Maple


Birds Eye Maple

Birds Eye Maple is hard to find so I am always looking to find it. Today I got a call from a guy who said he had a single board of birds eye maple that was three years old and that he was selling it. After talking to him awhile I decided to go visit him to take a look. As you can see, I did purchase the  board, it is 6/4 inch thick, 10-1/4 inch wide an40 inches long, rough sawn. Moisture content is perfect so it is ready to use.

This picture doesn’t really show the character very well but trust me, it’s a nice piece and will make some really nice boards. I have included a picture below that shows the character of the Birds Eye Maple.


Birds Eye Maple Cheese Boards

In a couple weeks I will post the cutting boards I made from this board!

Have a Great weekend!!



20 thoughts on “Birds Eye Maple

  1. Those finished boards are beautiful Michael. You must feel such satisfaction in seeing the transformation from the original piece of wood to a lovely cutting board!

  2. One of my favorite kinds of wood – yes, I do have favorites! I remember dad and I cutting down old oak trees, taking it to the saw mill to have it cut horizontally into boards, putting it in the rafters of the garage to “cure”, then dad plane-ing it and finally, him making a cradle for my daughter. We still have it (and several other things he built) and used it with my grandson. I hope one day my great grand children will use it. There’s nothing like beautiful wood……… smells so good, doesn’t it?

    • Hi Kelli! I love Birds Eye Maple too, it is great to work with and make beautiful pieces! I like working with oak too, I bet the cradle is very nice, heirloom now, you need to keep that in the family! 🙂

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