Lazy Sunday


Our sunset yesterday afternoon was spectacular. Cooler temperatures rolled in late yesterday evening giving us a low temperature this morning at 38 degrees! Today’s high is only suppose to be 59 degrees.

Acorns and hickory nuts are all down on the ground, the deer and squirrels are having a good time eating them. The leaves are turning brown and falling. Doesn’t looks like we will have the beautiful color leaves this year.

It’s going to be a lazy Sunday for us today, I hope you also enjoy your day!




24 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Happy lazy Sunday! I know what you mean about the leaves—several smaller trees around town, which usually have such pretty colors, dropped their leave about two weeks ago! We also had several poplars turning yellow in mid September—I think our drought and late hot weather just sent the trees in a tailspin!
    But there is that nip in the air which is truly refreshing!
    Happy afternoon Michael!

  2. Just beautiful, I was walking in the neighborhood today and stopped and picked up some acorns that had fallen to the ground and watched dogs playing in leaves. I love Fall, it’s such a beautiful time of year.

  3. Looks beautiful. We enjoyed the cooler weather too. Even here in Columbia we dipped to the low to mid 40s overnight. We took the boys on a hike Sunday morning and they too enjoyed the hickory nuts! We found several the animals hadn’t gotten yet.

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