I have to tell you, you need to try Talenti gelato if you have not tried it! It is absolutely wonderful!  It’s available in a variety of flavors and is delicious. It is a little expensive but we find it on sale all the time, buy one get one or four for $8.00.

I like all the chocolate gelato and the butter pecan is really  good too!

If you have had Talento, what is your favorite flavor?


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22 thoughts on “Talenti

  1. I’ve tried it and it is good, but just not as good as the real deal from a gelateria on a street corner in Rome — maybe the next best thing however 🙂
    And I must say that the best ice-cream scoop I’ve found when working to dig out ice-cream that is frozen so hard that it’s nearly impossible to scoop is the beautiful wooden handle spade that a certain Michael of Michael’s Woodcraft created— 😉
    We had company last night and I was serving homemade apple turnovers with ice-cream. I could not have gotten out the ice-cream from the carton had I not had that spade!! I’ve had lots of compliments—so my thanks to you Michael—can’t have ice-cream without it!!
    Blessing for a great upcoming week!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! My friends brought some talenti for a get together the other week and it is fast becoming my favorite cold treat. I love the sea salt caramel with the chocolate cups in it and the mango flavor. Delicious!

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