Spalted Maple Lidded Box


A good friend of mine gave me a block off spalted maple so I decided to turn a lidded box on my lathe. The block was 6 x 6 x 4 inches thick in size and the corner had a bad place that was too soft. I started buy cutting the block into a circle and then mounted it on the lathe. After turning both the bottom and the lid, I then turned the finial from a scrap piece of blackwood. after turning the finial and before parting the piece I made sure that I cut a tenon so that I could mount the finial to the lid.

This box measures 5 inches in diameter and 3-1/8 inches high, I think it turned out really nice!

Have a great week!

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42 thoughts on “Spalted Maple Lidded Box

  1. if I was a person who was a 21st century texter, rather than a last century hunt and peck message sender, I’d be screaming OMG 🙂
    Beautiful Michael!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Each time I think you’ve reached the top of your game, you always surprise me 🙂
    Bravo my friend!!!
    ps–go check you e-mail. . .

  2. Absolutely stunning! What a beautiful wood, perfect for the lidded box. Someday I just may use a lathe again, needless to say it has been years since those days in shop class in school! A lathe is one of the few tools my husband doesn’t have.

  3. This is a really beautiful work of art Michael. Next time I do a post about the fungus that causes spalting in wood I might ask you if I can use this photo to show people what you can do with spalted wood.
    You should definitely make more of these. Flame birch, birds eye maple, curly maple, burl, all of them!

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