Gas Prices


What are the gas prices in your area? I got gas this morning and our prices are the lowest we have seen in a very long time! $2.589 per gallon is a deal these days!


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25 thoughts on “Gas Prices

  1. Isn’t it nice to have good news for a change? I thought I was buying gas at $2.45 this weekend in the Richmond area. The small print was that price was only with purchase of a car wash! I ended up paying $2.65, which is still about .15 cheaper than it is here in W’burg. Love the falling prices! Another perfect expression of the season! Hope it has thawed out there on the mountain! Time to get prepared for the next wave… Best wishes, WG

    • Yes it is good news! 🙂 II read that the US is producing more oil and gas that ever before and that is one reason our prices are falling. $2.65 is still a good deal! Snow is all gone and temperatures are warmer too! yeah!

      • Yes, Michael, we’ve heard the same thing. I’m really glad we are importing far less oil- an important foreign policy objective of this administration (we’ve gotten out of the proverbial bed with the Saudi Royalty- finally!) . I am concerned what that means for our environment here in the US, however. The oil business is a dirty, nasty, damaging business where the oil is actually harvested, refined, and transported. I’m happy with the lower prices at the pump, however! I hope that new technologies in autos make oil obsolete within my lifetime 😉 Best wishes, WG

  2. premium2.88?? It’s still over 3 here but unleaded is under 3. Carrollton, Ga has two local gas distributors who always keep prices high (greedy in my mind) when surrounding areas, even in to Atlanta, are lower—
    I still remember when it was under a buck and it was a crisis when it went over a dollar—now look at things!!!
    happy day at the pumps!!!

  3. $2.78 is our lowest and $2.84 the highest for regular unleaded in central Indiana. And we think this is a good deal! I think our taxes are higher AND it is not uncommon for our prices to change daily – as opposed to where we lived in Arizona. Those prices changed *maybe* once a week.


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