Tuesday’s Autumn View

autumn leaves


The pictures in this post I took this afternoon from our deck facing 152 degrees SE. This year we don’t have the vibrant colors we usually  have because of the early freezing temperatures and snow. The leaves are more yellow, a lot of brown and of course we have the green pine tree needles.

Today our temperatures were in the mid 50’s but all of that is going to change starting tomorrow evening.

leaf colors autumn 2014

The Plains, Midwest and Rockies are already experiencing the artic cold that started in Alaska and is coming our direction. By tomorrow morning we are suppose to have cold temperature at 24 degrees and by  the weekend they are predicting 20 degrees! I guess the good thing is there is no precipitation in the forecast!

What is the weather is your area? Are you getting hit by this same artic cold? Are you a fall person, winter, spring or summer?




25 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Autumn View

  1. Crazy weather. It was in the low 60’s today and will drop into the 30’s tomorrow. The higher elevations may see some snow but I think we will be missed – at least I hope so!

  2. Fall person I am—and like you, our leaves are the same—more yellow and dingy due to the late Spring’s freeze, ice and snow—-and we’re all hunkering down for what this massive cold front will bring by the end of the week—time for us southerners to get bundled up 🙂
    Hugs Michael —Julie

  3. Gosh, that’s a beautiful view from your deck!

    The weather changed here (central Indiana) this afternoon. This morning was beautiful and this afternoon misty, cold, and breezy. I headed out right after lunch and cleaned out the eaves troughs and raked the yard until the rain came. I knew it would be too cold after today to be outside to do those chores. We’ll be lucky if our temps reach 40 over the next week. We have some nighttime temps predicted below 20 degrees. 😦


  4. I am currently on a business trip to Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Right now as I post this it is 4 degrees with a low of -7 predicted and wind chill of -25. The forecasted high tomorrow is 8 degrees with another -25 wind chill. I will take your balmy 20 degrees. 🙂

  5. Today was really warm but tomorrow won’t be. We’re supposed to see thirties for highs this weekend and below freezing nights, so it has begun. I wouldn’t mind winter so much if I didn’t have to shovel my roof. That takes a lot of the fun out of it. My favorite season is spring and I’m already anxious to see it!

  6. Nice autumn colors, different from our area as we had the brighter colors this year. The cold is arriving now and the leaves are blowing quickly from the trees. Me I’m a fall & spring person followed by summer and then if I have to winter.

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