Steamed Oysters and Shrimp Boil


If you love steamed oysters you would have loved our party!!  We also did boiled shrimp, hot sausage, red potatoes and corn!


Everyone was on their own to open the oysters and peel the shrimp! It can be messy  but it is certainly delicious! It was fun and with all the really, really cold beer it was all delicious!!


Everything was fresh, had been caught early that morning. Oysters and jumbo shrimp from the South Carolina coast. It didn’t take us very long to get all the sausage, potatoes and corn cut. Took even less time to cook once the water was boiling!

What a great evening!!

If you have never tried steaming oysters or a shrimp boil?…. it is very easy and is great for a party! 🙂  Do you like oysters and shrimp boil?






32 thoughts on “Steamed Oysters and Shrimp Boil

    • Oh Suzanne, you need to plan a trip to Bar Harbor for the fresh lobster and then down to NC or SC for really good fresh shrimp. Oysters you can get most anywhere as they fly them in fresh. The shrimp boil is so good, the shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn is how I do it!!

  1. It sounds like a good old fashioned New England clam bake. Dig a hole in the damp sand of a beach, build a fire in the hole and layer seaweed, clams, potatoes, corn, lobsters, and whatever else you can fit in over the hot coals and cover with more seaweed. After an hour or so, dig in.

  2. The shrimp looks fantastic! We used to live in South Carolina, and vacationed at Hunting Island, usually in the late fall (the water was still warm, but we had the beach almost to ourselves). We would go get some fresh shrimp every day when the shrimp boats came in. Thanks for reminding me of that. Good memories. 🙂

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