Amazing Sunset


This afternoon we had the most amazing sunset! Temperatures tonight are suppose to get down to 14 degrees! Last night we had 19 degrees with a wind chill of 10 degrees. I believe winter is early for nearly all of the US and there are record snow falls, temperatures and wind chills.

Stay warm! 🙂

Check out my Instagram page and my handcrafted cutting boards pages! There are a few pictures below.





34 thoughts on “Amazing Sunset

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! We are in Chicago and it’s really really cold here…

    tomorrow night we fly to Brazil, and I can hardly wait for temperature in the 80’s… oh, well…. we dance to the music, but it’s nice to have a few days of warm weather to recharge our batteries….

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    • Hi Sally! Chicago is always cold in the winter from the lake, etc. I can remember years ago getting stuck in the airport there because of a blizzard. We got lucky and got a hotel that was connected thru the airport tunnels.
      I read your post about your trip, how exciting to go home and visit everyone for the holidays! I hope you guys have a safe and wonderful trip, have fun!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband, enjoy 🙂

  2. Great photo! Glad to see a post. Are you staying busy in “Santa’s workshop?” Felt like February here today, especially with the wind. Let your memories of Hilton Head keep you warm. Best wishes, WG

  3. Wow, what a sky! It looks quite foreboding. Hope you have stocked the larder and filled up with petrol, could be some snow on the way! Stay warm Michael!

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