Wine Bottle Stoppers!


This is my version of a wooden wine bottle stopper. After preparing the wood blanks I turn these on the lathe making a recess at one end. The recess is where I mount the cork. The bottle stopper to the left was turned from Maple Burl, Blackwood and Redheart wood. The Bottle stopper to the right I turned from Blackwood, Maple and Purple Heart wood.

Handturned wood Wine Bottle Stopper Black Ask Eye Burl and Padauk

Above, Black Ash Eye Burl and Padauk wine bottle stopper


The next two pictures give you an idea of how I turned the recess for the cork!

Wine bottle stopper Padauk and Black Ash Eeye Burl

Above right, Padauk and Black Ash Eye Burl wine bottle stopper


The pictures shows the colors of the Maple Burl, Blackwood and Redheart wood.

My Ice Cream Scoops make a great gift!



Anyone like Cinnamon Rolls, check out the next picture!


Enjoy Your Day!


29 thoughts on “Wine Bottle Stoppers!

  1. These are simply gorgeous, Michael! And so are your Cinnamon rolls! I’ve missed your posts. Hope all is well with you and yours and that you’re too busy in the shop to get to the computer 😉 best wishes, e

    • Thank you Elizabeth! I have been extremely busy in the shop with all the Christmas orders. I hope to get started back soon! I spent the afternoon making 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies!! a lot of work with everyone is going to love them! Merry Christmas!! 🙂

        • Yes, without Debbie’s help I would still be in the kitchen. We enjoy baking the cookies together! I had more orders this year than I had last year which is a good thing. Most people found me on my Instagram page.

        • I’ve taken a day off from cooking, but will make a coconut pie before taking off in the AM. Love to warm up the house with something yummy in the oven 😉 Will you get your orders finished on time?

        • MMM.. coconut pie sounds delicious!! Yes, I shipped 14 orders today and I have 11 to ship on Monday that are 1 day transit time so everyone should receive their orders before Christmas. I have a bunch of orders that people ordered to late but still want them as soon as I can get them done. I am lucky this year to have all the business.

        • Not lucky…. you do such exquisite work, Michael, everyone is just fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase your art. You deserve a good rest! I hope you and Debbie are going to relax and enjoy some of those chocolate chippers this evening. The coconut pie is a new recipe I’ve been working on …. vegan, gluten free, and absolutely delicious! I photographed the process making it a few days ago, and may post it later in the week. Making one for my folks tomorrow. 😉

        • thank you Elizabeth! I hope to have all the other orders completed by Friday, then Debbie and I are headed to Hilton Head for a few days to relax! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is going to be very busy. The coconut pie sounds really delicious, I love coconut. 🙂

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