Trailcam Wild Turkey


I have not posted any trailcam pictures lately, here are some pictures of the wild turkey that live around our home on the mountain! I love my trail cameras, they are a lot of fun!


wild turkey







 Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂



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33 thoughts on “Trailcam Wild Turkey

  1. The turkeys now know the coast is clear 🙂
    Love these pics—
    We’ve got family here all week–otherwise I would have e-mailed with update regarding the boards—instead I’m chef cook and bottle wahser—I heard Abby’s folks loved the birdhouse but want to keep it inside for decoration–Brenton and Abby are still at her folks visiting—the honey whips have been a huge success. One board is set to travel to Italy to some friends in Florence–I know they’ll be so excited to receive it!!
    Talk with you soon —Hugs and love—Julie

    • I understand, having family at the house more than a day or so can be some work! Even when my kids come home for a day or two I feel like I am the maid, cook, bottle washer but more like a maid!!
      I am so glad they liked the bluebird house and that the honey sticks went over good! Makes be happy to know people are enjoying my work! Italy, wow, that will be the first time a piece of my work left North America! I have a few pieces in Canada. Please let me know how they like the board, would be great to get pics back from them with the board in their kitchen!!
      Enjoy your self, try not to work so much! Big hugs! Michael 🙂

  2. I was just wondering the other day when you would be posting more trailcam photos. 🙂 The turkeys were obviously not concerned about Thanksgiving at this point! We saw turkey in the same field as the elk at Oconaluftee, after the elk had moved on.


    • Hi Cynthia, thank you. A trailcam is a camera deice that you can mount to a tree and set-up to take pictures. Pictures are taken when the trailcam senses motion. Pictures are taken during the day and at night using infrared technology. Here is a link to the trailcam that I have so you can see picture of it. They are a lot of fun, especially for us since we live on a mountain in the Blue Ridge mountains, very secluded with a lot of wildlife. They can also be used for security purposes. I have four of these all around our property, often I also get black bear, bobcats, deer, etc..

      • That is fantastic!!! You have us beat – we have about 30 showing up in our yard. The males have started to fan their tails. They are very shy about it – I think I’ll have to hope to get lucky with the wildlife cam capturing it for me. I really like the turkeys a lot!

        • Oh that’s neat! Ours have beards about half way down. I’ve noticed their heads turning a darker blue and wattles a brighter red. They shake their feathers and prance in a circle, while the female decidedly ignores him nearby. And he’s working so hard!

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