Maple Burl


I was searching around today on Craig’s List and found a super deal on a couple of Maple Burl blocks. I got both pieces for $10, on Ebay and other wood stores these pieces would go for $45 plus. Maple burl is hard to get and nearly impossible in my area. I used a little mineral spirits on one side of each piece to show the colors!

Both pieces are 1-5/8 x 2-1/2, one is 17 inches long and the other is 11-1/2 inches long. I am planning to use these to turn a batch of my wine bottle stoppers!! Give me a few weeks and I will post pictures! Happy Days 🙂





17 thoughts on “Maple Burl

    • Way to go Dawgs and Clemson Tigers!! Checked Craig’s List the last few days and found the nice pieces of Maple Burl and Curly Flamed Maple. Today I found a guy that had some 8/4 crotch walnut. Didn’t buy today, made an offer and he said he would think about it tonight and call me tomorrow. Happy New Year!!! Big Hugs!! Michael

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