28 thoughts on “Before the Rain

        • Yes, I was glad Alabama got beat too, Go Ducks!! 🙂 My buddy at the lumber mill today called me to let me know that he had a walnut log that was just cut on Friday that is 14 foot long, 10 to 16 inch diameter. I am going to look at it Monday with the intent to buy it if he doesn’t ask too much. I wanted to mention this because if you are interested in the rounds I could cut you a few. It would probably take 30- 45 days to dry them. Think about it.

  1. Beautiful engraving on the handle!
    We’re getting rain all day today. Thankfully we were in the pocket that did *not* get freezing rain. We’re at 47 degrees presently. It will start getting colder tomorrow and by Wednesday we will have a high of 6 and a low of -7. I don’t even want to think what the wind chill will be! Eeek! Stay dry and warm! 🙂

        • Good afternoon Cynthia! Our elevation being that we live on a mountain tends to be a lot colder than in the city. The difference in elevation is about 2200 ft. I know you get really cold, I can remember being in Mississauga Canada in February on business and it was -40, white out and about 15 inches of snow on the ground. Thought I would never get to the hotel!! 🙂

        • Sorry about our cold and snow, Michael. I’m happy you escaped! Remind me now, please: are you North or South Carolina? Never having been to either, I get them mixed up.
          p.s. I think Jan Karon, the author of the Mitford series, set some of her books on a mountainside in N. Carolina.

        • We are less than a 1/3 mile to the North Carolina line, as far North as you can possible live in South Carolina. We are extremely remote with over 400,000 acres forest all around us. We only have 3 neighbors and they live over a mile away. She did, that would be Caldwell County, Blowing Rock, NC. Not too far from us! Enjoy your week Cynthia! 🙂

        • Holy wow! I thought we lived in remote places, but my goodness, Michael. I’m betting you have many more wild animals than humans for neighbours.

          What made you move to such a remote area?

        • We love it here, very secluded, private, quiet, peaceful, beautiful… when the kids graduated from college we moved here. We just wanted to live in the mountains and found this beautiful property, 30 acres surrounded by national park and built our home 4 years ago. We do have more wild animals than we do neighbors, bears, bobcats, panther, raccoons, etc..

        • Sounds idyllic, Michael. Really idyllic.
          Well, OK – except for some of the wild animals. But then again wild animals can be easier to live with than wild humans!

  2. Not much rain here in the summer, sadly because that’s when we need it. I’ll think of all you cold people today and make that will cool me off a bit.

    • Hi Suzanne! We had rain here again all day, 1.9 inches total. The temperature hung around 48 all day with fog and wind blowing from the northwest. The evening news shows that instead of mid to upper teens, they are saying 12 to 15 degrees. Have a wonderful week, stay warm!!

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