Winter Days


Morning y’all,

It’s another rainy day on the mountain today.  Day like this I would love to be on the couch with my laptop or a good book!

The high yesterday reached 42 degrees. The overnight low was 30 degrees. It was 38 degrees and clear at 7am observation. The mountain received .63″ of rain yesterday during some consistent afternoon and evening showers. Rain is forecasted all day today with some ice returning tomorrow and Thursday morning! Let’s hope the ice doesn’t show up! 🙂

I have  been really busy in the shop again which is a good thing. I post a picture on Instagram about every day so if you have not checked out my Instagram page,  here is a link:  Michael’s Woodcraft Instagram


Charcuterie Serving Platter


25 thoughts on “Winter Days

  1. Weather is so weird, freezing, warmer, rain then snow. Can’t keep up with all the climate changes. Today is sunny here in NYC with falling temps going to the 20’s today. Have a great week Michael.

  2. I’ve decided we simply live now in a permeant fog. It’s chilly but supposedly by week’s end it will be moving from the current 40’s to almost 60 and we will actually see sun—I will believe it when I see it!
    Here’s to beautiful wood and NO ice!!!
    cheers Michael—

  3. I love that photo with the light streaming through the tree branches, wonderful! We had minus 12 (25C for us) this morning. Brr! Hope you get to avoid the ice!

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