Custom Quilted Flame Maple Cutting Board – Part II


This board was custom made for my blogger friend over at Forest Garden blog, she wanted the wood to look as natural as possible. She selected Flamed Quilted Maple for the board and I was lucky to find a piece with a live edge. She did not want a large cutting board but one that fit into her space that she could use everyday. She likes beautiful woods, but wanted it all organic and artistic as well as functional.


The live edge board I had found was only approximate 9-1/2 inches wide. The board needed to be 12 x 15 inches. To provide the extra 2-1/2 inches or so I added a piece of Flamed Quilted Maple from another board that was a different shade that would help to off set the live edge and that would look nice.


After cutting the two boards to match, gluing the dominos to attach the boards I glued them using Titebond III which is a water proof glue. The board stayed in the clamp press for 24 hours before I was able to run the board thru the drum sander to insure it was perfectly flat. Then I sanded this board smooth like I do all my boards to 1200 grit. After wiping down the board to remove all the fine dust using a tact cloth,  I then placed the board into a food grade mineral oil bath for about 30 minutes. Sitting in the bath of mineral oil allows the wood to soaks in the oil creating a barrier and a nice finish. I then let it drain for an hour before applying a warm mineral oil and food grade beeswax mixture. The warm mineral oil and beeswax is the final finish that adds protection. As you can see in the picture the sheen is from the warm final finish. I also shipped a tin of my Wood Conditioner!

Debbie (my wife) was in the shop last week and saw this board before it was sanded and fell in love with it. Debbie has a basket full of cutting boards but you guessed it, I am making her one just like it this week!!

I shipped the board on Monday, FedEx home Delivery, it arrived today around 11:45and shortly after being delivered I received the following email;

Dear Michael,
It board is absolutely magnificent!  My husband says that he’s not sure now what he was expecting, but that what you have created blows away whatever expectation he had.  He has informed me that it is a piece of art, and I shouldn’t use it….

At the moment it is resting in the light where we can visit it and admire it 😉  Not in the kitchen…..

I will use it and enjoy it-  he wants me to use it as a serving piece, not an every day work surface.  And truthfully, the grains and patterning in the wood you chose is just magnificent.   It is peopled with all sorts of beings- we’ve found a bear, several eyes, and other creatures so far.

I love how the wood contrasts on one side of the board, and melts almost seamlessly from the large piece of wood to the smaller one on the reverse.  You matched the grains perfectly so they look almost like they grew together.

There just aren’t enough words, Michael.  It is so absolutely smooth, and the extra sanding makes the grain appear mulch-dimensional.  It shimmers and moves with the light.

We love the live edge.  It is perfectly finished, beautifully shaded, wonderfully sculpted, and transports this piece from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Thank you so much for all of the love and care you poured into creating this wonderful cutting/serving board.  We will enjoy it so much.

…..So I think she likes it! It makes be very happy when someone orders from me and really likes my work! I hope she will tell all of her friends!  Thank you for ordering from me! 🙂

Please visit Forest Garden, she takes beautiful photographs! 

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12 inch round Cherry board that just came out of the food grade mineral oil bath! Next it will get a warm food grade mineral oil and beeswax applied for the final finish and protective coating!



46 thoughts on “Custom Quilted Flame Maple Cutting Board – Part II

  1. Yes, Michael 😉 We absolutely love the board. It is simply the most beautiful wood, and the most elegant craftsmanship we might have hoped for. We will remember you with appreciation every time we use it. Thank you for this post, and for the links back to FG. Best wishes, WG

  2. Reblogged this on Forest Garden and commented:
    The beautiful custom cutting board which Michael Laico crafted for us arrived today. It is simply gorgeous. When Michael and I began discussing this project, I told him that I needed a beautiful board to use daily in the kitchen. He made exactly what I asked for, down to the tiniest detail. And yet, now that we have received this beautiful board, we realize that it is a work of art…. not an everyday work surface!
    So we will certainly enjoy it, but as a serving piece; not as an everyday work surface. My partner made a point of telling me how many other cutting boards I already own in his efforts to not mar this beautiful wood with everyday use. Can you blame him? I’ve taken a series of photos to show you both sides of the board, and its edges. Please notice the amazing grain of this quilted maple, which looks multi-dimensional. Held to the light, the grain looks like little holograms dancing across the wood’s surface. Please visit Micheal’s site, Michael’s Woodcraft, if you are dreaming of a beautiful wooden cutting board of your own. He works with the best woods available and crafts each piece individually, by hand. You will be pleased with whatever you order and bring into your home. -WG

  3. Of course she likes it—it’s beautiful!!!!! She now has a priceless gift, a treasured heirloom—you make memories Michael!!
    Now I’m jealous—I thought I had your prettiest cutting board!!! HA!!!
    A job well done Michael!!
    Big Hugs—julie

    • Good morning Cynthia!! Yes it really is, when you make something special for someone based on them describing what they want you never know how they will respond!! 🙂 I have gotten numerous emails from Elizabeth telling me how much she loves it!

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