I am not sure I know anyone that doesn’t like bacon, especially a good bacon sandwich!! πŸ™‚ The other day our local grocery had bacon on sale, buy-one-get-one so we went for the sale. Bacon has been running anywhere from $6.00 per pound to $10 a pound for a long time and just recently the prices have come down.

This is Smoked Maple Bacon, despite how thin itΒ was itΒ tasted very good. We like thicker bacon and generally buy it at the Publix deli and we have purchased it from Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel usually has bacon on sale all the time and it is very good.

We decided to try this baconΒ so weΒ made a few BLT sandwiches.


When all the cooking was done, it had cooked up really thin!! Now time to make the sandwiches, crab the bread and the toaster, lettuce, tomato, salt, pepperΒ and mayo. We use Duke’s mayo and nothing else because of it’s great taste. It is also made locally.


BLT’s are quick to make and is one of my all time favorite sandwiches, I enjoy having aΒ lot of bacon on my sandwich!


We enjoyed the BLT with cantaloupe, it was very good.

What is your favorite sandwich? Do you like a good BLT?


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42 thoughts on “Bacon!!

  1. Love a good BLT, my favorite sandwich. The bacon looks thin but it seems like it was pretty tasty. I like a lot of bacon on my sandwich also. I have heard about Dukes Mayo what makes it better than Hellmans? I have to try it if I ever can get my hands on it. Maybe they have on Amazon. Looks like a great meal Michael, delicious sandwiches.

  2. Sigh! I do miss Canadian bacon, and that thin stuff looks like it would be just right, nice and crispy. Would my Canadian relatives be suspicious if I suddenly turned up on their doorstep, hungry, with the makings of a BLT sandwich under my arm?

  3. I love a good BLT – I prefer thin bacon myself and I’m lucky that my SIL can get huge boxes of it at Sam’s (where he works) when it goes on sale. he doesn’t get a discount there, but he does know when the best sales are! πŸ™‚ During the summer when vine ripened tomatoes are in season is when I like BLTs…………hate winter tomatoes!

  4. Yours is the second post in my reader board today that featured bacon, AND my husband just cooked up some bacon for broccoli cheddar soup garnish! I love BLTs too, especially in the late summer when the ‘maters are vine-fresh ripe!

  5. Beautiful boards as always! As for bacon, LOVE it! The boys do too so I’m afraid soon enough one package won’t cut it for our family. BLTs are awesome, I love them in the summer with my tomatoes fresh from the garden. Duke’s is definitely the way to go!

    • good morning!! Finally someone that knows Dukes mayo, yea!! I agree, when my kids were younger 1 pack was never enough. My son alone would eat two sandwiches and always wanted extra!! The Vine ripe tomatoes make the BTL better but I also enjoy tomato sandwiches during the summer, sliced tomatoes, with Dukes, salt and pepper, that’s it, so delicious!! πŸ™‚

  6. Did someone say BACON? I feel like the dog in the commercial πŸ™‚ This is our favorite late-summer sandwich when my home grown tomatoes start ripening. We probably have it at least once a week if not two. Our local store carries a tasty ‘uncured’ bacon without sulfates so that’s what I buy. No Dukes mayo here but Hellman’s is our choice.

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