Beautiful Pictures!


I have a wonder photographer that is helping me with pictures of my work and I wanted to share a sample of her beautiful work. All of these pictures were taken by Tricia, you might already know Tricia because she is a very active blogger, please visit her site, Saving Room For Dessert.


handcrafted ice cream scoop

Tricia is not only a great photographer but wow, she can cook, and is a wonderful baker. She is always creating new recipes and also loves kayaking, hiking, watching great movies, baking and traveling.

Handcrafted honey dipper stick

Tricia has sent me a lot of photos over the last few weeks, I love all of her pictures!! I hope  you enjoyed seeing Tricia’s pictures and I hope you will check out her blog, Saving Room For Dessert!


I could eat that bowl of ice cream right now!! 🙂

Handcrafted wood rolling pin

Tricia makes some wonderful, delicious pies and has included many recipes on her blog.


The Teardrop shaped cutting board I hand crafted using Black Walnut!

Handcrafted Walnut honey dipper stick

Honey Dipper Sticks are great if you like using honey!


The above board is handcrafted using Walnut, Cherry and Ambrosia Maple!

walnut cheese boards

Do you remember when no one knew what a kiwi was?


Walnut cheese boards are great for serving your favorite cheeses, crackers and maybe cold cuts!


If you are interested in my woodwork, browse my site or email me if you have any questions!

Love all the pictures Tricia!! 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Beautiful Pictures!

  1. You’re right, Tricia takes great pictures!! Love the contrast of the wood boards and the kiwi and grapes—and the dripping honey!
    I use my honey wand everyday Michael—I love it!!
    Happy Wood and big hugs–

    • I have a lot of pictures from Tricia and they are all great, wish I could share all of them!! Thank you Julie, I am posting a giveaway tomorrow mid-morning!! I hope you guys didn’t have too much ice and no damage to property! I have a lot of tree down across the driveway that I have to start cutting again tomorrow!!! Big hugs! 🙂

  2. Michael, the photo’s are beautiful, really really beautiful and so is Tricia’s site. Just subscribed. Your work is so beautiful it stands on it’s own but having those gorgeous pictures makes it even more spectacular.

    • thank you, that’s Tricia’s work, she is wonderful, great photographers, plus she can cook, bake, creates her own recipes, etc!! Check out her site Kelli, she might also be interested in your Google Food! Stay warm! 🙂

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