Hike Down the Mountain to the Car

snow o the mountain

Last weeks snow on Wednesday – Thursday brought us 5 inches plus on the mountain. The mountain is beautiful with snow!

Since we know that our road is impossible to drive out when we have snow and ice, I park one car down the mountain that is a little more than a mile hike to and from the house.


The above picture is our drive way, I am hike down to see if we have any trees down.


There are tracks everywhere in the snow, these are coyote tracks.


I hiked all the way to the car and back, no trees down this time. That’s great because the week before with all the sleet we had trees down all across our driveway!

The snow is pretty but I am glad it is gone!! 🙂


I am making cheese boards and serving boards with a recessed edge, check this picture out! This one is Walnut, Walnut Cheese Board with recessed edge!




25 thoughts on “Hike Down the Mountain to the Car

  1. Pretty pictures Michael – but looks like a lot of planning to get out of the house – and a bit of a hike! We still have our snow. We broke a record of 30-days with temperatures at an average of 10 degrees and not one day above freezing. Today it is finally above freezing and the snow is melting off the house. It is a good thing we got a new roof on the house last summer!!

  2. Nice to see tracks in the snow… I bet that’s quite a nice hike, but tricky to drive if you get ice! Love the cheeseboards Michael. Have a good week!

    • We love living here so it is all worth the extra effort. This time of year we have a lot of extra food and supplies on hand. Two years ago we got snowed in for 14 days, over 20 trees down across our long driveway, took me forever to cut them all out of the way.

  3. Could you send some of that snow out here to California – maybe a few hundred boxcars full? We haven’t seen much snow or rain in years…

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