Creeping Phlox


Early this morning I could count the number of blooms on my creeping phlox. Our temperatures today reached nearly 80 degrees and by 5:00 this evening it is now in full bloom. My Creeping Phlox is very beautiful this year! Do you grow Creeping Phlox?


The bumble bees were hovering all around but I just couldn’t get a good picture!! This is the first of our spring blooms, isn’t it beautiful?!! Spring is  finally here this Friday, I am certainly ready for warmer weather!

I hope you have a beautiful spring! What is blooming in your garden? What is your favorite spring flower?


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36 thoughts on “Creeping Phlox

  1. My phlox is a sad mess—but I can’t complain. . .the landscape team finally after all this time, rain and bad weather got started Monday. A transformation is underway—most excited. They did dig up things they thought they could replant elsewhere with the sad phlox being a part of that—so we shall see.
    I’ll do a little post on it soon but I’m back to Atlanta for the remainder of the week dealing with this crisis with Dad—-
    Hugs Michael and happy Springs—and happy wood

    • My fathers phlox is also a mess too, no blooms for him this year. It will do fine moving it but you will need to keep it watered! Oh great, I am glad to hear they have started on your yard!! I can wait to see the transformation pictures!! I hope everything is ok with your dad, be careful traveling into Atlanta! Big hugs Julie!!!

  2. I am not familiar with phlox other than pictures. It is very pretty! We have a few hellebores blooming that seem to be popular in Oregon, the Rhodies are looking good but not in bloom yet. Our plants are all pretty new since we have only been here for just over a year. So we are still in the experimental phase. I think it might be slugs.. kind of squishy and slimy buggers might be eating petals and leaves. They say to put out some beer for them in little containers. I have planted some pansies in a few planters along with other fun little flowers. Pansie’s are always reliable.. Gee I need to get busy and post some photos…

    • Our hellebores are just about ready to start blooming. I bet your rhodies are going to be beautiful this year! Slugs will eat about everything and they love leaves, especially the hosta leaves. Love Pansies’s and all the beautiful colors!! You have some beautiful garden photos posted but I love seeing more!! The iris pictures are beautiful!!

  3. I love your logo/header! Looks great! Did you design it? Also that handle on the ice cream scoop is gorgeous… I am thinking it would be a great Christmas gift for a few of my married children…

  4. Oh how beautiful! My Nana grew phlox around her beautiful old fashioned red rose bushes and the combo of deep red and lavender still brings back memories of her home…………..Just love your photos!

  5. I did have a phlox but it seems to have disappeared… must plant a new one as the display is lovely. Glad spring has arrived for you too! I’ve got little daffodils opening today, and a few early tulips too! 🙂

  6. Oh this makes me very happy! I hope that spring weather “creeps” a little more north to Virginia! I don’t grow phlox but have always loved it. Very nice indeed! We had 70-something temperatures yesterday and I felt the sun on my face. It was healing, a real blessing. I am ready 🙂 LOVE my scoop!

    • Good morning Tricia!! I am excited about spring too, the warmer weather seems to make everyone feel revived! Only thing with the warmer weather is the pollen 😦 I posted the pic yesterday on instagram and got 7 emails on wanting pricings and cost to engrave, maybe I will get a few orders, we will see!! 🙂

  7. How is it that your area got far more snow than we did, yet you have gorgeous creeping phlox blooming already?! 🙂
    We have stems of jonquils poking through the ground but that is all. Monday was 74 degrees; the rest of this week is in the 40s with 20s at nighttime. However, we are enjoying the many flocks of Sandhill Crane flying over our house on the migration north. 🙂


  8. I have to find some creeping phlox for my backyard. I had a beautiful creeping geranium plant that started out tiny but grew and flourished and had lovely purplish pink flowers and was huge, sad story I hired someone to do some work in my backyard and they dug it up and threw it away like it was a weed. I want to put the phlox where my geranium was. Your photo is just beautiful.

    • The creeping phlox is easy to care for after it gets it’s root established! Up tot hat point it need water like most plants. The geranium sounds beautiful, my wife grounds the geraniums in pots, they do well in our area. 🙂 Loved the corned beef sandwich post today!!

  9. Beautiful phlox! Our phlox is blooming as well though it hasn’t spread much…. The hydrangeas are started to show some green. The fruit trees have blossoms…just hope we don’t get the upper 30 degrees they are currently predicting for next week.

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