Dining Out San Diego Magazine


You might remember my post in early March about Carolyn Himes photographing Chef Rob Ruiz food for the Dining Out San Diego magazine, my post was San Diego Magazine. I am excited to write this post and grateful to Carolyn, Chef Rob Ruiz and all those at the Dining Out magazine that was involved in the process of the shoot and selecting this photograph, thank you! Carolyn emailed me late this evening to let me know that the Dining Out magazine is published as of this afternoon,  her photograph, chef Rob Ruiz food and my Walnut cutting board is on the front cover!!  Love it, Love it, Love it!!


Beautiful photos!


If you are interested in reading more, below are links to the story! 

Dining Out San Diego Instagram

Dining Out San Diego magazine digital issue, great article on Chef Ruiz!

Land and Water Company Instagram

Chef Rob Ruiz also posted on his Instagram as well, Chef Rob Ruiz Instagram

Carolyn Himes website; Carolyn Himes Imagery. Be sure to check out Carolyn’s website!

Thank you Carolyn!!





27 thoughts on “Dining Out San Diego Magazine

  1. How cool is that!!!—but I must say that octopus has got to go 🙂
    You’re now famous Michael 🙂
    I’m just honored to call you my friend and have pieces of your work–
    here’s to higher heights with beautiful wood!!

  2. Congratulations! Actually, I have had octopus prepared deliciously in my dinky town here in Oregon. It’s actually quite good if prepared in the correct way. Very tender. However, I want to mention your board looks beautiful in the photograph! Way to go Michael!

  3. That’s very swish! I do love that board! Congratulations on having your board in their magazine.

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