34 thoughts on “My Logo

  1. I love it—truly the big time now Michael 🙂
    I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter—I used one of my lovely walnut boards today when working on a new batch of poached pears—I think about you all the time as you basically live throughout my kitchen 😉
    Joyous Easter—

  2. Happy Easter! Love the logo, it’s perfect and I am just thrilled about the photo shoot, the spread looks just beautiful. You do some amazing work, I am just so happy for your success.

  3. The new logo is wonderful – good job. And I always like ovals – I think it makes the logo look more homey and welcoming. Great job Michael !!

  4. Michael – I really like your new logo – it fits what you do – and the wording is nice because your artwork definitely can be handed down through the generations. great job!!

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