Hand Mirrors


Many of you might think that all I make is cutting boards, serving boards, cheese boards, etc. but I also make hand mirrors too! I made 9 hand mirrors this week for customers, pictured above is a right hand and a left hand mirror made from Walnut. Walnut is by far the most popular wood for hand mirrors.

After sanding smooth, I then finish the hand mirrors with 4 coats of a hard, low gloss poly. The poly helps bring out the grain and protects the surface.

Enjoy your week!


18 thoughts on “Hand Mirrors

      • Wow—how wonderful!! Smart man to ditch the computer!!!—I thought about you today—I worked out in the yard all day Thursday–part of yesterday until the heavens opened up with a deluge, then most of today—good clean work!
        We’re suppose to head down to Gulf Shores the first of June for a long weekend as Brenton and Gregory are going deep sea fishing so Abby and I will tag along for two days on the beach—then Gregory and I will head back down to the Henderson Inn around the 4th… I’m in much need of some beach time!!!!!
        Hope all is well —enjoy the remainder of the weekend–

        • Yes, the oysters were better than ever this time. I ate more than my fair share too! I am sure you got a good workout in the yard then. The same front of rain and thunder stores came thru Isle of Palm last nigh. Have they finished your front yard yet?

          I love the beach, I know how you feel about needing beach time! I didn’t want to come back today. We fished along the Charleston 60 reef yesterday and caught a bunch off Wahoo and tuna. The largest was a 106.3 lb Wahoo. They will have fun fishing and you girls will have a relaxing time on the beach! Big hugs 🙂 – Michael

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