Capers Blades and Blue Tips

caper blades and blue tip oysters

Above picture – Capers Blades

I spent the last few days this week at Isle of Palm with my friends, together there were  six of us. We had a big house with a pool that was one block off the beach. This house was huge and had 6 master suites.


Above picture – Blue Tips

We all enjoy eating oysters, so we ate oysters each night at different restaurants, Pearlz, Boathouse, etc. The above picture is Capers Blade oysters, these are elongated and are delicious.


I love all oysters but my favorite are Blue Tips, all with a little lemon, sauce and horseradish!

Do you like oysters? What is your favorite?

Photo credit Rina Jordan, check out her website, Rina Jordan Photography



19 thoughts on “Capers Blades and Blue Tips

  1. I only had an oyster once and I don’t think I ate it correctly, I bit it and it was pretty awful. My friend told me you are supposed to swallow them whole, I couldn’t do that so I bit it. I am not sure about the proper oyster protocol. They do look good and your vacation sounds amazing.

    • Hi Suzanne, sounds like you may have had a bad experience! The Capers Blades and Blue Tips are delicious and you can bit them as they have a lot of flavor. Most people that eat oysters add a little lemon, sauce mixed with horseradish! We all had a great time together, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I love oysters, both raw and cooked! The best way raw I like is a Bloody Mary Oyster Shooter. The best way cooked is barbecued on a grill until they “release,” then crack them open and pour on some lemon garlic butter and Tabasco sauce. SLURP! Here in Oregon we only have Pacific Oysters. Nice and large and meaty with a really good taste. We can buy them fresh off the coast September through July.

  3. I love all seafood and oysters . I like them baked and fried (lite batter) . Some of the best I ever ate were in Boston Market.
    Steamed with hot sauce and horseradish sauce . I will have to try some of these blues.

  4. I’ve eaten oysters a few times but don’t know enough to tell you which one I like better – they all look wonderful. A few days at the beach with friends sounds pretty fantastic! Glad you were able to get a break and spend time eating and visiting!

    • Good evening Tricia! I know what you mean but if you get a chance try the Blue Tips, I think you will enjoy those!! It was a quick but much needed trip, just the guys. We also went fishing out 60 miles to the Charleston 60 reef. We caught a lot of Wahoo and Tuna.

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