Blue Flag Iris


This is Iris versicolor, it has many names, also commonly known as the ‘Blue flag’, ‘Harlequin Blueflag’, ‘Larger Blue Flag’, ‘Northern Blue Flag’, and ‘Poison Flag’.


I planted hundreds of these two years ago and finally this year they are really beautiful! From the looks of it I will be thinning these out at the end of summer. Do you grow this iris in your garden?

Enjoy your weekend!

The Land & Water Co. has posted the picture of Chef Ruiz food presented on one of my Walnut cutting boards on their website, photo credit is Carolyn Himes!!


28 thoughts on “Blue Flag Iris

  1. Ooooo, how beautiful–a sea of purple–I love irises !!
    I think I need to order a new ice cream spade / paddle.
    I had a shower today for friend’s future daughter-n-law here at the house. . .others helped me clean up and when I opened the dishwasher to empty it, there was my ice cream spade and several of my wooden cooking spoons—who put that in the dishwasher???
    Needless to say, my ice cream spade is a mess. . .
    Oh well—-
    I’ll e-mail soon–
    hugs and love—Julie

    • I love irises too! Oh no, I have never had that happen but after a party someone had put one my of cutting boards in the dishwasher, same thing it was a mess. Put it in the fireplace a few weeks later 😦 Did you see the email I sent you the other day? Michael

  2. Gorgeous! Would be happy to trade one of my re-blooming bearded Iris for a hunk of your blue flag 😉 Or is that the lovely clump you sent me last summer? They are growing, but no blooming stalks yet 😉

  3. I am not sure I can say I “grow” Irises in my garden as I inherited about 100 of them all over and around the house we bought in November. I can just now see the blooms starting to peek out of the leaves. These irises have been around for many years and never got divided, so I am quite surprised any of them are blooming at all! Yours are very pretty. 🙂

  4. Your cutting boards are getting quite famous Michael! Before you know it I’ll be seeing them in German magazines…. 😉 Lovely flags. I grow the bearded iris and Siberian Iris. Love them all.

  5. Beautiful, Michael. Yes, I had hundreds of those purple irises until the iris borer invaded. A few remain. They are such lovely flowers. Congrats on the fact that obviously smart people are choosing your cutting boards.

  6. I neglected to admire the fabulous roses. Them be some roses, Michael! I shall have to take your advice and try again. But not this year. Next year, I hope, when I have the stamina. Thanks again.

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