Madame Isaac Periere


Madame Isaac Periere is a bourbon rose and is well known for it’s wonderful fragrance.  It was named after the wife of a French banker, Madame Isaac Pereire. It has fat, cabbagey flowers and has perhaps the strongest deep rose perfume of all roses.


I have two Madame Isaac Periere growing on the fence, both are about the same size and both are filled with roses. They are very beautiful and the fragrance is wonderful. If you would like to grow  fragrant rose, this is the one to grow. Very easy to grow and it  blooms twice a year!


Each morning for the past week, I  have cut roses and placed in vases for our kitchen, den and bedroom! After 10 minutes the rooms are filled with their  perfume!!! 🙂 My wife loves this rose!


The  photo below was taken by Bob Bernotsky, one of two boards I made Bob. Check out his Instagram page, he is a wonderful cook and into the Paleo food; @That_Paleo_Guy


26 thoughts on “Madame Isaac Periere

    • Me too Julie!! Yes, your board will look very similar to this one. All Walnut rounds will darken when the food grade mineral oil is applied, I never know how dark they will get. Last year I did one for a customer and they did not want the penetrating oil, they wanted to try to keep the origin color so I applied a food grade salad bowl finish that does not penetrate the wood.

      I love bacon too!! 🙂 Bob gets all his meats, including the bacon from 5280 Meat, all of their meats are clean, no preservatives! here is their site;

  1. Oh my gosh, I would so love to grow these roses! By the way, a teeny tiny tip has started to bloom in our Irises. I see purple! I don’t know if they are all purple but I will find out soon!

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