June Sunrise


We had a beautiful sunrise this morning with cool temperatures in the low 60’s F. Light rain last night cooled off everything but today our high is supposed to get to 89 degrees F with afternoon showers.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Below is a Black Walnut and Hard Rock Maple end grain cutting board. This end grain cutting board is 10 inches x 15 inches x 1-1/2 thick and has finger pulls on each end making it easier to lift off the counter.




22 thoughts on “June Sunrise

  1. What a great sight to wake up to! After raining all week and in the 50s, we were sunny and at 83 today. Tomorrow, 90! (p.s. the irises that bloomed in my yard were purple. The blooms sure didn’t last long! I never got a photo of them, too busy.)

    • Ooh yea!!! Love royal reds, best shrimp ever! I could eat two dozen of these steamed with a couple good cold beers!! You are at your favorite beach spot in the Florida panhandle!! I sure hope you relax and enjoy your self!! 🙂

    • Good afternoon Mary Ann, thank you so much, this one turned out really nice!! Sounds like great weather today, maybe you will get a few days of nice weather this week. Our weather shows showers everyday, 40 to 50%! My daughter is getting married Saturday, so I hope the rain holds off on Saturday! Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

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