Bluebird Houses

Handcrafted Bluebird houses Michael's Woodcraft Greenville, SC woodworker handcrafted woodwork cutting boards ice cream scoops catchall trays cheese boards serving boards Greenville South Carolina woodworker blue bird

male and female bluebirds

bluebird fledgling on birdhouse


bluebird eggs in nesting box

Large Bluebird House 

$48.00 each

Each house is made to order, there is a 7 to 10 day lead time.

To order please email me at along with the quantity and your ship to address. I will email you back with order details and payment options.

To see more photographs browse our Gallery of Bluebird Houses


16 1/2″ tall X 7 1/4″ deep X 7 1/4″ wide*

* Not including roof tin, as the tin is extended pass the wood for rain purposes to keep the birdhouse dry. Tin roof extends approximately 1″ on each side.

Get your Bluebird house today and you can have bluebird eggs in your house!


14 thoughts on “Bluebird Houses

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    • Hi Mimi, the bluebirds are very beautiful! Where do you live? I am so glad you visited my site and taking time to comment. I just browsed over to your site too and I am glad I did, great recipes! I love to cook too and it’s always nice to have another site to visit for recipes! 🙂 I hope you will visit again soon.

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