Fancy Chickens

July 11, 2014

beautiful ornamental chickens

My friend had gotten a bunch of different ornamental chickens back a few months ago and they have grown a lot. They are all healthy, very beautiful and colorful.


There are 18 total all in the same pin and house.

unique Ornamental chickens

He is raising them more like pets, all of them like to be held.


Have a Great Weekend!




How Many Chicks Do You Count?



This mother hen was not happy at all with me taking pictures! She ran at me a couple time but I was still able to get 3 shots! She has 14 chicks following her around, that’s a lot! 🙂 My friend said that she had 16 chicks, two went missing yesterday. These belong to a friend.


He let’s his chickens run wild, doesn’t bother to put them in the coop that he spent $500 for material and then built it himself. Only a few a year get missing, which surprises me. He lives about 15 miles from me in a more populated area so he doesn’t have the coyotes and fox like we do.


If you look at these pictures really good you can see the chicks are all different colors. Do you raise chicken? Did you let your hens have chicks this year?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!