July 3, 2014


Our privacy gate with rope lights mounted on the gate

We have a long private drive nearly a mile long that winds along the mountain side to our home. Our home is at the very end of the private drive. About 2000 feet before our home we installed a privacy gate made from wrought iron. Our gate is a swing gate which I have installed an automatic gate opener 🙂 It opens using a remote control, who doesn’t like remote controls? 🙂

private drive gate

We really didn’t want a gate but until we put up the gate we had a lot of unwanted visitors driving right up to our house all hours of the day and night. People think that our private drive will take them over the mountain even though there are two Dead End signs and no trespassing signs too! I mounted rope lights that is on a timer to light the gate to prevent people from running into the gate at night.


This is the view just past our gate heading to our home! What you can’t see is all the security cameras and the underground sensor for the drive way!

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double handle cutting board




Fog and Rain



Yea, we have rain today!!  It has been three weeks since we have had any rain. Our night was fill with heavy rain and thunder storms. The creek is over flowing this morning which has over filled the pond and lake down stream. This is a good thing!!

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walnut double handle cutting board