Beautiful Sunset


Another beautiful sunset!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day!





Mountain Laurel & Rhododendron


Mountain Laurel grows wild all over the mountain and is in bloom. It is absolutely specular this year! The first and second picture I took today while on a hike of the Mountain Laurel, very beautiful!



Purple Rhododendrons are also in full bloom! I also took the Rhododendron pictures in our garden today.


Purple Rhododendron are beautiful but so are the pink! Check out the next few pictures of the Pink Rhododendron blooms!

can you spot the tiny ants and insect on the blooms?



So which do you like the best, the Mountain Laurel or the Rhododendrons?

Enjoy your evening!

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Hike Down the Mountain to the Car

snow o the mountain

Last weeks snow on Wednesday – Thursday brought us 5 inches plus on the mountain. The mountain is beautiful with snow!

Since we know that our road is impossible to drive out when we have snow and ice, I park one car down the mountain that is a little more than a mile hike to and from the house.


The above picture is our drive way, I am hike down to see if we have any trees down.


There are tracks everywhere in the snow, these are coyote tracks.


I hiked all the way to the car and back, no trees down this time. That’s great because the week before with all the sleet we had trees down all across our driveway!

The snow is pretty but I am glad it is gone!! 🙂


I am making cheese boards and serving boards with a recessed edge, check this picture out! This one is Walnut, Walnut Cheese Board with recessed edge!




Winter Days


Morning y’all,

It’s another rainy day on the mountain today.  Day like this I would love to be on the couch with my laptop or a good book!

The high yesterday reached 42 degrees. The overnight low was 30 degrees. It was 38 degrees and clear at 7am observation. The mountain received .63″ of rain yesterday during some consistent afternoon and evening showers. Rain is forecasted all day today with some ice returning tomorrow and Thursday morning! Let’s hope the ice doesn’t show up! 🙂

I have  been really busy in the shop again which is a good thing. I post a picture on Instagram about every day so if you have not checked out my Instagram page,  here is a link:  Michael’s Woodcraft Instagram


Charcuterie Serving Platter


Trailcam Wild Turkey


I have not posted any trailcam pictures lately, here are some pictures of the wild turkey that live around our home on the mountain! I love my trail cameras, they are a lot of fun!


wild turkey







 Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂



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Just believe you can!


Good evening y’all,
It’s been a gloomy past two days with a lot of rain today, more tonight and more rain tomorrow thru mid day. The high today reached 39 degrees with a wind chill of 32 degrees. It’s currently 37 and raining! I took this picture this morning, the fog was so thick you could not see more than 30 – 40 feet.

We wait all year for Christmas and now as  write this blog we are only 27:45 til Christmas. This year we have two grandsons that will make our Christmas more special, Parker and Asher!

Merry Christmas!




The Rock


Good evening y’all,

It was a beautiful day today on top of the mountain! Our high reached 59 degrees F, the low was only 39 degrees F. Fog all day today but no rain. We are due to get heavy rain tomorrow but clearing for Sunday.

I have not had much time to post the last week because I am extremely busy in the shop, which is a good thing!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! 🙂


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

– Aristotle


I made a Cherry cutting board for a nice customer that lives in Boston, MA and she sent me a picture of the board in her kitchen. It goes very well with her Kitchen Aid mixer!




Short Hike

peaceful-hike I had time for a short hike this afternoon and found this area covered with moss, it was beautiful. We had a  sunny day today with temperatures in the low 50’s. Rain coming tomorrow thru Monday, we need the rain so I am not complaining.

Only a few days until Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Walnut Bread Board walnut bread cutting board Teardrop cutting boards






















Teardrop Cutting Board




Round cutting boards

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Tuesday’s Autumn View

autumn leaves


The pictures in this post I took this afternoon from our deck facing 152 degrees SE. This year we don’t have the vibrant colors we usually  have because of the early freezing temperatures and snow. The leaves are more yellow, a lot of brown and of course we have the green pine tree needles.

Today our temperatures were in the mid 50’s but all of that is going to change starting tomorrow evening.

leaf colors autumn 2014

The Plains, Midwest and Rockies are already experiencing the artic cold that started in Alaska and is coming our direction. By tomorrow morning we are suppose to have cold temperature at 24 degrees and by  the weekend they are predicting 20 degrees! I guess the good thing is there is no precipitation in the forecast!

What is the weather is your area? Are you getting hit by this same artic cold? Are you a fall person, winter, spring or summer?