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Personalized cutting boards & custom engraved gifts, Handcrafted heirlooms lasting a lifetime!



The above  picture was taken by Tricia, check out her site Saving Room For Dessert

Handcrafted woodwork, each piece is carefully crafted from beautiful hand selected wood in my small shop that is nestled on a mountain in rural northern South Carolina. Cutting boards, serving boards, honey dipping sticks, rolling pins, ice cream scoops and more, everything is made to be used, enjoyed and passed down to future generations. Handcrafted heirlooms to last a lifetime. 

Walnut serving board

Above: Walnut serving board, the above photo was taken by MaryAnn Dwyer, check out her blog The Beach House Kitchen


Walnut cheese and wine serving board - Michael's Woodcraft

Above: Walnut board with engraved wine names.

Engraved cutting board

Above: Engraved Cherry, Maple and Walnut cutting board

Engraved honey sticks Michael's Woodcraft

engraved honey sticks Michaels Woodcraft

pizza board handcrafted michael's woodcraft Greenville SC

Above, handcrafted pizza board for owner Attilio Guarino of Emmas Brick Oven in Cranford, NJ. Photo by Attilio


engraved walnut honey sticks

Above, Walnut Honey Stick with engraving. Check out the Honey Sticks, request custom engraving if you like. Honey Sticks


Father's Day gift engraved personalized ice cream scoop handle Michael's Woodcraft


Photo credit Eva Komas Flores

engraved personalized ice cream scoop michael's woodcraft



Need a perfect gift idea?

Handcrafted cutting boards, serving boards, cheese boards , ice cream scoops all make great wedding, house warming, anniversary and birthday gifts! If you don’t find a board you like, Email me and I would be glad to make you a custom board.


Above; Photo credit Tricia Buice

Three different handles are available for my round boards! They are available in Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Birds Eye Maple or a combination of Walnut, Maple and Cherry with or without the hole. I  sometimes have Ambrosia Maple and Quilted Maple on hand too, just ask!
Black Walnut cutting board
Handcrafted Ice Cream Scoops make great gifts! Everyone loves ice cream!
walnut cheese boards
above photo credit Carolyn Himes, Carolyn Himes Imagery This picture was on the cover of Dining Out San Diego Magazine!
Walnut-cutting-board           beautiful-cheese-boards
Walnut                                                                                 A few Walnut and Birds Eye Maple 

round cutting board with paddle handle, handmade cutting board, one of a kind cutting boards         quilted-maple-cheese-boards

Walnut                                                                                   Quilted Maple

 Birdseye-Maple-cheese-board           cheese-boards-serving-boards

Birds Eye Maple                                                          Walnut and Birds Eye in the upper corner


Love cinnamon rolls, especially apple cinnamon rolls!


Above: Black Walnut and Ambrosia Maple board


Teardrop Cutting Board with Handle

walnut-teardrop-cheese-boards              teardrop-shaped-cheese-board


The Teardrop boards make great serving boards and are also available in Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Birds Eye Maple or a combination of Walnut, Maple and Cherry with or without the hole. I  sometimes have Ambrosia Maple and Quilted Maple on hand too, just ask!

Learn more about my Teardrop Cutting Boards!


End Grain boards are a heavy duty board for cutting and chopping.


The above end grain cutting board was custom made for a customer to fit his new kitchen bar, it is made using Black Walnut end grain cutting board.


Do you need a beautiful bread board?


Black Walnut and Maple end grain board, photo by Rachel, check out her Instagram @5280Meat 




Check out my handcrafted Ice Cream Scoops!


The above two pictures taken by Tricia, check out her site Saving Room For Dessert



Slab of bacon sitting on a Maple and Walnut cutting board!


Be sure to read a few of the things that people are saying about my work! Testimonials  There have also been many bloggers that have posted about my work or used pictures of my work in their post, Find Us.

On the top menu bar, click SHOP and a drop down menu will appear, select a page to start viewing. Once you have found an item, write down the details and go to my INFO page to learn more about How to Purchase my work!

“Made especially for you”

I love to work on special projects commissioned by you! We will work with you to come up with something special and fabulous that will work in your kitchen and enhance the look of your gorgeous food. Please contact me with your special request, I would be delighted to hear your ideas and work with you. Go to my contact page to send me your design details.
 Exclamation Just a note that I will gladly re-finish your board for you. Please contact me by email to discuss the options.

wood-cheese-boards              walnut cutting board


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198 thoughts on “Home

  1. What beautiful, carefully made pieces. We share a love of beautiful wood. Whether wood furniture, wooden spoons, a beautiful cutting board, or a wooden pen, I’m always attracted to hand crafted wooden pieces.

    • thank you Nanook, glad you visited my site. I am following your site now and love the pictures of the black bears and your wrting about them. I especially love the picture witht the mama bear and cubs in the tree! I love your site…

      We have the black bears here too but I don’t run acorss them very often.


  2. I started woodburning designs into cutting boards a few months ago, creating some really nice pieces. Though the designs were custom, my boards were still cheap, mass-produced boards available from department stores. Today I received my first Michael’s Woodcraft board, a custom piece, which I’ll be using on my next big pyrography project. It’s so much nicer to work with a real board. Rather than the look of something you might find on the shelves of a store, I’m now working with something that you might see in the kitchen of a chef. Thanks so much for this custom piece. I’ll send you photographs once I’m done with the design.

  3. Your craftsmanship is beautiful! I appreciate the beauty of wood, too. I also love bluebirds and have several bluebird houses. The one they use the most is painted bright blue, the color of the male’s feathers. I wonder if that is by chance or are they drawn to that color?

    • thank you, nice to see you visit my site! Don’t you just love the bluebirds, they are just beautiful and a pleasure to watch. I noticed five bluebirds earlier today, one peeking into the house, two on the house and the other 2 sitting around it. They could maybe drawn to the color.

  4. Hi Michael,

    Firstly, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    You do have a lovely space here. The woodwork and craftsmanship is brilliant. I love how the final piece looks . Beautiful! Loved the bird houses too 🙂

  5. I have one of the smaller Jet lathes. I used to turn wooden objects also; I have been so diverse with my art; now it’s photography that I like; it’s been a never ending journey for me.

  6. Hi again Michael–I meant to tell you I had a really good friend from Greenville when I was in college—Janet “Lele” McWhite—she’s Janet Williams now—we were camp counselors together many moons ago at Camp Merri Mac for girls in Balck Mt , NC plus attended UGA.
    Also please know that I love your work–as the retired art teacher, I greatly admire your ability to create such beautiful things from wood—I’d love to buy a piece or two…. 🙂

    • thank you Charlie!! I have an even longer handle for those that make churn ice cream that helps to get all the way to the bottom of the chrun easily.

      I am headed to visit your site now…

      thank you for visiting my site.

  7. Great pieces, Michael. We, too, have a lot of woodwork artists in our area (Western VA and West Virginia). A few are exhibiting at the annual Maple Festival in Highland County. You can find more info at the Highland County Chamber of Commerce website, if you are interested.

  8. Wow, wunderbare Dinge zauberst du in deiner Werkstatt, Michael. Ich liebe Holz. Vorallem diese gedrechselten Sachen sind so schön weich beim Anfassen.

    Du hast sehr sehr schöne Arbeiten gefertigt. In anderen Posts habe ich tolle Werkzeuge gesehen. Ich kann die Freude nachempfinden, die das Bearbeiten mit Holz macht.

    Ich werde hier öfter reinschauen und freue mich schon auf neue Sachen von dir.

    Liebe Grüße
    von der Waldameise


  9. Great work, Michael! My husband and I also love working with wood and are constantly making something for house and garden. At present I’m doing some xmas decorations.

  10. We went to a Christmas party with a gift exchange game of choosing and stealing the gifts. Your daughter was there, and the gift she contributed was one of your tear-drop cutting boards. Needless to say, it was fought over, but we ended up with it. It’s beautiful! Thanks so much!

  11. Beautiful craftsmanship . Working with wood brings so much pleasure I know from my my late father in law who loved making carving and creating with all sorts of wood too .

    • Bonsoir Sally,
      I don’t speak French, just know a few words. I remember looking at your site, your recipes and I did read your About page. Several of your recipes look delicious, I printed several, thank you. I am glad you visited my site and thank you for your kind comments.

      • Bonjour, Michael.. 🙂 I was just wondering if you got my email that I sent a couple of days ago. I asked for an estimate of shipping charges… if you did not get it, let me know and I’ll send it again, ok?

  12. Bonjour Michael,
    You are such a talented artist, I’m enchanted by your artwork and creative ideas!
    Do you have Facebook Fanpage for your blog? I looked it but I couldn’t find the link here.

    • Hi Leia, thank you for your nice comments. I do not have a Facebook right now but I do need to get that going. I was at your site earlier and posted. Looked around your site for a way to follow you by Email and did not see it? I would love to follow your site.

  13. Beautiful work! I wish you lived closer to me so I could ask you to make me 2 small wooden spoons. I have one, it’s the size of a teaspoon and I would love more but alas can’t find them anywhere.
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thank you Mandy! Blogging is a wonderful thing, meeting people all over the world. If I remember correctly you are in southern Africa? I am so glad you visited my site and thank you for leaving a comment, I hope you get a chance to visit again soon! 🙂

      I love a your site, all of your photographs are beautiful!

  14. Thanks for visiting, Michael, and for your kind comments on the scarf I knit. How lovely to receive a nice gift of scarves. Your woodworking is wonderful. I especially like the two toned pieces and the cutting boards would add a lovely wood tone and touch of nature to any table setting or kitchen/dining room.

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