Food and Wine Boards

food and wine serving boards - Michael's Woodcraft

above: 14″ round serving boards, lower left is White Oak and upper right is Walnut

Walnut serving board - cheese board - charcuterie board Michael's Woodcraft

Above; 14″ round Walnut board

Wine and food serving board Michael's Woodcraft Greenville SC

above: 12″ round Walnut board with handle #2

Beautiful Food and Wine Serving Boards!

Handcrafted round boards with or without handle. These boards could be used as a cutting boards, cheese board or serving board. These boards would look great in any kitchen, great for entertaining with friends for serving  your favorite cheeses, meats and fruits. Great for your everyday kitchen chopping and slicing too.

14 inch Board
14″ Round boards no handle  $115.00

12 inch Board
12″ Round boards with handle #2    $99.00

Pricing above includes choices of the following woods, Walnut, White Oak, Maple  and Cherry, or a combination of Walnut, Maple and Cherry with or without the hole. All boards are approximately 3/4″ thick or slightly thicker.

Most all walnut boards have curly figure grain, there can be small knots and pin holes. 

All of my work is handcrafted one at a time once I receive an order. Please allow a minimum of 7 to 12 days.

It’s very easy to take care of your board, check out our Wood Conditioner page for care instructions. My Wood Conditioner is an all natural finish and I use it on all my boards but it will not prevent or remove stains. If you are looking for a hard finish I would suggest a ‘Salad Bowl’ finish. It is a hard and glossy finish and will last a long time, it will also help to prevent staining of the wood. The Salad Bowl finish is food safe but like all finishes it will eventually wear. The Salad Bowl finish is more costly, requires 4-5 coats and takes 24 hours to dry between each coat. The Salad Bowl finish can appear to have streaking, it is a glossy finish. If you are interest in the Salad Bowl finish, email me and I will be glad to give you a quote.