Honey Sticks

Engraved honey sticks Michael's Woodcraft

Engraved Honey Sticks Michaels Woodcraft

Above pictures taken by Tricia who is a wonderful baker, and cook. She makes the most delicious pies too and loves to blog. Check out her site Saving Room for Dessert.

Wood Honey dipper sticks, made from solid Walnut and Cherry! The honey stick has a honeycomb design holes that hold onto the honey.

engraved walnut honey sticks

The Honey  Dipper Sticks are great for dipping your favorite honey and stirring into your favorite tea or coffee!! Using a stick to honey is much easier than with an ordinary spoon.

Hand wash with warm, soapy water. Allow to dry and occasionally wipe with food grade mineral oil to keep the wood from drying out.


Honey Dipper Sticks

Each honey dipper stick measures 8″ long and 1″ wide at the dipping end so that you can get to the bottom of honey jar.

Without Engraving
Cherry   $7.50 each
Walnut  $7.50 each

With Flying Honey Bee Engraved on Handle
Cherry  $10.00 each
Walnut $10.00 each

Choose from Cherry or Walnut wood,

To order please email me at michaelswoodcraft@yahoo.com along with the quantity and your shipping address. I will email you back with order details and payment options.

Custom Engraving
If you would like custom engraving on a Honey Stick, please email  at MichaelsWoodcraft@yahoo.com

engraved honey sticks Michaels Woodcraft


Cherry wood shown below

Honey Sticks Michael's Woodcraft

Honey Sticks

engraved cherry honey sticks


Walnut wood shown below

Honey Sticks

engraved walnut honey sticks


Need more information, have a question, Email me at MichaelsWoodcraft@yahoo.com

honey wand for whipping eggs

Use to mix scrambled eggs too!

The honey dipper sticks make a very nice gift for someone who enjoys honey in their coffee or tea!


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4 thoughts on “Honey Sticks

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  2. These are really wonderful. Methinks will work better than the standard ones which I find to be difficult to pour with or clean later.
    Shall be ordering for sure. For my three daughters.

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