Honey Sticks

Engraved honey sticks Michael's Woodcraft

Our handcrafted Honey Sticks are made of sold Cherry or Walnut wood. These Honey Sticks are great for any honey lover!

Motivational, uplifting and sometimes offbeat. Our Honey Sticks bear phrases meant to inspire, motivate or amuse, every time you use them. The honey sticks can be personalized, custom engraved for you with your favorite phrase or personal message to your friend or family member!

To view more engraved honey sticks visit the Gallery of Honey sticks.


Engraved Honey Sticks Michaels Woodcraft


Honey Dipper Sticks

Each honey dipper stick measures 8″ long and 1″ wide at the dipping end so that you can get to the bottom of honey jar.

Without Engraving
Cherry   $7.50 each
Walnut  $7.50 each

With Flying Honey Bee Engraved on Handle
Cherry  $10.00 each
Walnut $10.00 each


Steps for ordering an Ice Cream Scoop or Paddle Scoop

1 – Choose the wood, cherry or Walnut

2 – Choose plain with no text or choose text from the list below. To view more engraved honey sticks visit the Gallery of Honey sticks.

3 – If you would like to personalize the honey stick, please create your text.

Line 1:  ??? (your text)

4 – Email me the information from the list above at michaelswoodcraft@yahoo.com for pricing and lead time for shipping. Please also include your shipping address and I will email you back with all the details.


List of Text for engraving on Honey Sticks

(engraved flying bee)
(engraved heart or hearts)
Love You Honey (engraved heart)
Morning Honey! (engraved bee)
i love you honey! (engraved heart)
Love you (engraved heart) dad!
Love you (engraved heart) mom!
a spoon fill of (engraved heart) love
Sweetest mom ever! (engraved flying bee)
Sweetest dad ever! (engraved flying bee)
You’re sweet as honey (engraved flying bee)
best grandma ever! (engraved heart)
(engraved balloon) let it go!
(engraved bee) KIND
(engraved flying bee) grateful and thankful
(engraved flying bee) HAPPY
(engraved heart) Yum!
a spoon full of (engrave heart) love
Always sparkle(engraved stars)
Bee Thankful (engraved bee)
Bee Happy (engraved bee)
Bee Humble (engraved bee)
Best mom ever (Engraved heart)
bless your heart (engraved heart)
Faith Hope Love
Follow your (engraved heart) it knows the way
Forever and always (engraved heart)
Good Morning Beautiful (engraved heart)
good morning gorgeous! (engraved heart)
good morning honey (flying bee)
Happily EVER After (engraved heart)
Hey (engraved heart) Sweetness (engraved flying bee)
Hey sweet thing (engraved flying bee)
honey I love you (engraved bee)
I L(heart)ve you
I love you honey (engraved flying bee)
I love you (engraved heart) language is French
I love you (engraved heart) language is Italian
I love you (engraved heart) language is Portuguese
I love you (engraved heart) language is Swedish
Love is sweet (engraved rose)
Love you dad! (engraved heart)
love you mom! (engraved heart)
Make a wish (engraved stars)
make (engraved star) today awesome
M’M’M’M’ Good (engraved heart)
Morning Honey! (engraved bee)
must. have. coffee.
oh Baby (engraved heart)
Oh Honey (engraved flying bee)
Peace Love Happiness
Sweet! (engraved bee)
Sweetest mom ever! (engraved bee)
Take a deep breath and let it go!
think happy thoughts
Wish upon a star (engraved stars)
World’s Sweetest Grandpa (engraved flying bee)
You are Awesome (engraved heart)
you make life sweet (engraved heart)
you’re amazing (engraved stars)
your sweet as honey (engraved flying bee)


engraved honey sticks Michaels Woodcraft

honey wand for whipping eggs


4 thoughts on “Honey Sticks

  1. Pingback: Honey Sticks | Michael's Woodcraft

  2. These are really wonderful. Methinks will work better than the standard ones which I find to be difficult to pour with or clean later.
    Shall be ordering for sure. For my three daughters.

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