$250 Fine

do not feed alligator-sign-at-Hilton-Head-Island-South-Carolina

Not too far from our condo at Hilton Head Island are lakes, ponds and marsh land. All around this area are a lot of alligators, some small but most are large alligators. Some of these alligators are monsters in size, you would not want to get close enough to feed them. I would be scared that they would charge me. If you have ever seen an alligator charge or run you know what I am talking about, they are quick.


This alligator was cruising along until he saw me and then he stopped, waited to see what I was doing and then continued toward me.

Check out this article about a huge 1000 pound plus alligator that was caught this month at Hilton Head, South Carolina, Whopper Alligator Caught on Hilton Head Island.


Along the edge of the lake and ponds are thick trees with egret, heron and anhinga nesting all full of babies. The alligators wait under the trees hoping for the baby birds to fall into the water to eat them.





Enjoy your weekend!