Wading Birds


Yellow Crowned Heron

Wading birds are generally sleek birds with long beaks which they use to hunt in shallow waters.

The Yellow Crowned Heron is one of the most beautiful of all the Heron. I saw two Yellow Crowned Heron along the shore but they did not want their picture taken. Every time I got close to them they took off further down the beach. I had to keep following them to get a couple pictures.


Brown Pelican

I have seen a good many Pelicans hanging around and in flight. The most I have spotted flying in formation today was 27 but they were just too far away to get a good picture.


Baby Anhinga just about ready to leave their nest

I watched for about 30 minutes several of the mother Anhinga fishing and then landing near their young to feed them. They could hop around from limb to limb but just not able to fly yet. These couple of pictures of the Anhinga in the trees was over 200 feet away.

The Anhinga have webbed feet because they dive into the water and swim to catch fish. Before they can fly again they have to let their wings dry. That is why you will often see them with their wings spread. I posted a few pictures last year on the Anhinga, click to see my post from last year, Hilton head Large Birds


Baby Anhinga



This is an older Egret that was walking along the shoreline hunting for food. Once she saw me she got scared and flew off.

Egret feeding


This Egret was catching minnows and eating them as fast as she could catch them!


Baby Egret in tree

I had to hike thru the woods hoping to get a couple of pictures of the baby Egrets but the trees were just to thick so I decide to shoot a couple of pictures thru the trees. If you look closely a these two pictures you will see baby Egret.


Baby Egret in trees


Great Blue Heron

This Great Blue Heron was hanging around a bridge where several children were fishing. When they caught a fish they would toss it to her. Someone along the way it looks like she has gotten hurt.


Great Blue Heron

This is the same heron in the first picture above, she heard my camera noise and looked over at me.