Boiled Peanuts – A Southern Delicacy


boiled peanut

Boiled Peanuts!?
People boil peanuts and eat them?
And they’re good?
Does this sound strange to you?

Well, boiled peanuts are delicious! I have been eating boiled peanuts as long as I can remember and I am slightly addicted to them. All of my children love them, especially Lauren and Michael. I had a craving for them when I woke up this morning, so I had to go get me a cup.

In our area we have a lot of boiled peanut stands on the side of the road selling none other than boiled peanuts in a variety of flavors. Just like any food, some are better prepared than others. It’s seems that the older folks really know how to make them. A retired friend of mind sells a lot cups of boiled peanuts in a week at his stand.

Boiled peanuts

Regular boiled peanuts, spicy boiled peanuts, cajun peanuts, etc. in 16 ounce cups and larger. You can see the two size cups sitting on the counter in the picture below.


Boiled peanuts are a great snack packed high in protein.

boiled peanuts

Just look at those delicious little peanuts!

What does a boiled peanut taste like? Well, kind of like a garbanzo bean and the texture of edamame beans. But they are soft, peanutt-y tasting and a very delicious snack.

boiled peanut

Be careful cracking them open because the juices from boiling them can squirt you in the face! Oh, when your done, save the shells for the garden compost.

Once you crack them open….yum!

Enjoy your weekend!

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