Baby Great Blue Heron

July 1, 2014


Great Blue Heron at nest with babies

I had a few more pictures I wanted to share from our Hilton Head vacation!

Great-Blue-Heron-standing-in nest

Great Blue Heron young about ready to leave the nest!


Looks like he caught Dinner!! Not sure what it is, maybe part of a fish!

I love watching and taking pictures of the Great Blue Heron, they are magnificent birds!

Only a couple days before the 4th of July, I hope everyone doesn’t have to work and plans to spend time having fun! Maybe grilling out with the family and friend!



Hilton Head Large Birds


blue heron

Blue Heron

We love to vacation at Hilton Head every summer. During our vacation I am always looking for the large blue herons, egrets and anhinga. There are alot of fresh water ponds near our condo and the heron and anhinga are always hunting for food in these ponds. I will often see a few Alligators’ in the ponds along with large turtles.



This Anhinga dove into the pond before I could get a picture but I got this picture as he was swimming across the pond. Once the Anhinga dive into the water for fish, they will sit in the sun to dry their wings and will not dive back into the pond for more fish until their wings are dry.



Our family has been visiting Hilton Head Island at least once or twice a year for over 35 years. There is a lot to do for the entire family!

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