Caught On Camera

Yellow-rumped Warbler
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Walked out front this morning and heard a bird chirp nearby but wasn’t sure what it was. I saw a flash of yellow under the rose bush so I quickly ran to get my camera. As I slowly walked closer I spotted a Yellow-rumped Warbler. Warblers can be hard to spot, they tend to be happy on the lower branches and leaves out of sight. The Yellow-rumped Warbler is one of the most common warblers in the United States and has a huge breeding area. This one was stunning with beautiful bright yellow.

Here is South Carolina they are found all along the Appalachian mountains. They are noted for catching insect in flight.

As you can see in my picture the Yellow-rumped Warbler is blue-gray streaked with some black, white rings around the eye and a yellow spot on their head. They have a yellow rump, hence their name, with yellow spots on the sides of their breast and tucked under their wings. Their yellow color is very bright. I guess I startled her, I only got the one picture before he was gone in a flash.

Our bluebirds are still here and continue to eat the live mealworms. I’ve purchased a New mealworm feeder and will post more on this soon.


Mountain Wildlife

Since we live on a mountain surrounded by thousands of acres of wilderness, I decided to set up a trail cam so that I could get pictures of all the wildlife around us. So far we have pictures of wild turkey, deer, red and gray fox, coyotes, possum, ground hogs and raccoons. There is more wild turkey this year than past years.

wild turkey picture taken with trail cam
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Years past you would hardly see any turkey, that’s when we had a lot of coyotes. There are not so many coyotes now, not sure if someone killed them or they just moved on. Anyway, I am glad they are gone for now.
We have a black bear that shows up occasionally to raid the bird feeders but I have not been able to get him on camera yet. I had saw him a couple of times, yep, it was male and he was huge. Love all the wildlife!

I have a Reconyx Hyperfire trail camera, it takes great pictures. This trail camera gets everything that walks in front of it.