July 14, 1014


This morning I spotted this deer browsing around our property, I bet she is one of the deer eating my grapes! I walked down to pick some grapes yesterday evening and found that the deer had been eating again. I bet they have eaten half of all our grapes this year.

It another sunny day and our temperature is suppose to be in the mid 90’s F today and all week with a chance of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Based on our average rain fall we are short this year by 6 inches. I am having to water the garden every evening. I hope rain comes this week!

Enjoy your week!

Hot Fudge Sauce, Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream
Chocolate Cheesecake
Best Ever Strawberry Pie

Making Crème Brûlée

hot fudge cake and ice cream   chocolate cheesecake recipe
fresh strawberry pie   creme brulee



Deer on the Mountain

deer in the forest

Yesterday evening I decided to take a quick hike down to the creek when I saw something move not too far in front of me. I stopped immediately as I am always cautious when hiking due to all the black bears in our area. I didn’t spot anything at first until I heard the sound of leaves again and then I spotted four deer.

deer in woods

deer eating

There are two deer in the above picture, do you see them?

beautiful deer

deer looking

deer passing

There are three deer in the above picture, can you see them?

Make someone smile today! 🙂

Enjoy your day!


Mountain Wildlife

Since we live on a mountain surrounded by thousands of acres of wilderness, I decided to set up a trail cam so that I could get pictures of all the wildlife around us. So far we have pictures of wild turkey, deer, red and gray fox, coyotes, possum, ground hogs and raccoons. There is more wild turkey this year than past years.

wild turkey picture taken with trail cam
Click on picture to enlarge

Years past you would hardly see any turkey, that’s when we had a lot of coyotes. There are not so many coyotes now, not sure if someone killed them or they just moved on. Anyway, I am glad they are gone for now.
We have a black bear that shows up occasionally to raid the bird feeders but I have not been able to get him on camera yet. I had saw him a couple of times, yep, it was male and he was huge. Love all the wildlife!

I have a Reconyx Hyperfire trail camera, it takes great pictures. This trail camera gets everything that walks in front of it.