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June 27, 2014

oriental lilies dizzy

Oriental Lily Dizzy

These are my Oriental Lilies that I purchased in December last year. The oriental lilies have the most wonderful fragrance and it is one of my favorites! The fragrance is very sweet and if you plant oriental lilies you need to plant them near your deck or door way, bedroom windows so that you can savor their fragrance every possible moment!


Garden View

In January 2014 when I received the lily bulbs I posted Growing Oriental Lily Bulbs. If you would like to learn more about the bulbs and growing these read my old post. Oriental lilies are easy to grow with big rewards when they bloom.


Oriental Lily Muscadet 


Oriental Lily Dizzy 


Oriental Lily Dizzy 


Oriental Lily Stargazer

My wife really loves the colors of the Stargazer!


Oriental Lily Stargazer


Oriental lilies are great for flower arrangements. Debbie has made several flower arrangements and placed them throughout the house!

I hope everyone has a Great Weekend!!




Beautiful Red Fox

red fox

This is the red fox that likes to hang around out home. Around 6:30 PM most evenings he is in our yard checking out everything and has come within 15 feet of me. I guess he is checking me out too! He is absolutely beautiful, these pictures don’t really show his colors very well.

red fox

He also hangs out on our driveway where I put out corn for the turkey.

red fox


red foxbeautiful red fox

Off he goes looking for food!!

Trails cameras are a lot of fun and you never know what you have on the pictures, great for security too.


Two Red Fox!


trail cam red fox

I wish these pictures had been during the daylight so we could see their beautiful red colors and their huge fluffy red tails! The smaller ref fox has a lot of black on his legs.

red fox trail cam

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

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Red Fox Returns

Red Fox
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First Night


Yesterday afternoon I decided to move my Reconyx trail camera further into the woods along a trail where I had spotted a Red Fox just last week. I set out two stadium cup full of whole corn and a cup of birdseed.

The first night at this location I ended up with over 100 pictures. I picked out a few pictures to share, two different Red Fox and a huge Coyote! 🙂 Notice the time stamp on all the pictures!

red fox trail cam

There were two different Red Fox last night. Notice that the first three pictures are the same red fox, this one does not have any black on his legs.

reconyx trail cam red fox

red fox trail camera picture

The next three pictures are of a Coyote, he came by two hours after the first red fox. Notice the time on all the pictures.

coyote night trail camera picture

Typical of coyotes, he has a bushy, black-tipped tail, yellow eyes,  long pointed ears and a long muzzle.

coyote picture

coyote picture

The last couple pictures is of another red fox, notice that this one has a lot of black on his legs. He also appears to be smaller in size.

red fox trail cam picture

red fox

After this fox, there was nothing buy raccoons the rest of the night.

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Red Fox Returns


Yesterday afternoon, I decided it was time to check my trail camera for pictures. There were a lot of pictures on the Sandisk memory card, raccoons, red fox, possum, ground hogs, squirrels, birds, shunk, deer, turkey and coyote.

Red Fox trail camera picture

Here are a few pictures of the Red Fox! The picture just before the red fox there were a couple raccoons in that area! I think he smells the raccoons!

Red Fox

One evening a couple weeks ago I was filling my birdfeeders and I had a beautiful Red Fox walk up within 4-5 feet of me. He was a beautiful red and gray color and I am sure he was looking for food. He just stood there for 2-3 minutes, didn’t seem scared at all and then he walked away back into the woods. I wonder if it is the same fox in these trail cam pictures?

Red Fox Reconyx trail cam picture


red fox


Notice the time stamp on the pictures, after about 6 pictures around 5:36 PM, he returns again at 5:47 PM


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Growing Oriental Lily Bulbs


oriental lily star gazer flower

Picture of Oriental Lily Star Gazer taken in my garden, summer of 2013

I love to grow Oriental Lilies, so thinking ahead I order more Oriental Lily bulbs for my garden from John Scheepers Inc. a few weeks ago. I have purchased bulbs from many different sources, including the big box stores but I have found that the quality and size of bulbs are better from John Scheepers.

bags of oriental lily bulbs

I received my order of oriental lily bulbs on Friday, packaged by variety. This order included three variety, Star Gazer, Lizzy Dizzy and Muscadet. I’ve now decided that I am going to place another order later today.

Now thru spring is the best time to plant lily bulbs, that is if your ground is thawed enough to dig. I planned to order more bulbs so back in October I had prepared a new garden bed for these bulbs.

oriental lily bulbs

Oriental Lilies produce enormous beautiful flowers on tall stems in a variety of colors and are easy to grow in zone 5 to 8. These oddly, scaly, bearded bulbs will produce a fancy trumpet shaped flower that is extremely fragrant, their fragrance is fabulous. There are other varieties of lilies like the Easter lily, Tiger lily, Asiatic lily, etc. but the Oriental Lily is the only one that is fragrant.

Before planting your lilies, pick an area with filter sunshine, avoid an area that is windy and receives the hot afternoon sun. The most important factor when preparing your soil for Oriental Lilies is drainage. Lilies need drainage and cannot be sitting in stagnant water especially during winter. Clay soil is rich in nutrients but lilies will not grow well in clay soil. Oriental lilies prefer a rich, moist and well-drained soil. I improve my soil by adding organic peak, leaf mold and composted manure. I also add crushed oyster shells, like you would give your chickens to eat and work all of this into the planting area about a foot deep. After you have the planting area ready, plant bulbs 6 to 8 inch deep. I plant the same variety in groups of three or five for more of an impact when they bloom.

oriental lily bulb

Blooming in my area starts in July and continues thru August, I have even had some blooms into September depending on our summer heat. Oriental lilies will often need a little extra support because they tend to get top-heavy when in bloom. Summer rainstorms and wind can also toss them around. Many variety can reach 5 to 5 feet tall.

As blooming begins, take care not to get their pollen stains on your cloths. See the picture above of the stamens full of pollen. When I cut my lilies for arrangements I always cut the flowers early in the morning when it is cool just as the flower buds are opening. This is also the best time to cut the stamens before the pollen matures.

If you have flowers you leave in the garden, be sure to gently remove the blossoms as they fade to encourage blooming and to keep plants from using all their energy producing seeds. In the fall, once the leaves and stems turn yellow; cut the plant back to the ground. Do not pull the stems as this will cause damage to the bulb.

I  love Oriental lilies for their beautiful flowers and their fragrance is fabulous. They make great flower arrangements too! This summer I will be posting flower pictures from these bulbs. 🙂

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Red Fox

Saturday, December 7, 2013


red fox

We have alot of Red Fox that roam the moutain, many of them we will see in the evening just before sunset. Here are two pictures of red fox that my Reconyx Hyperfire HC600 trail camera caught the last day of October this year around 10:42 PM. The pictures are seconds apart, be sure to double click the pictures to see a full view.

The lights you see in the back ground is our driveway gate.

red fox 

As I hike the mountain around our home I am always on the lookout for fox and coyote dens but I have not found any yet. I am sure there are more than one fox den becuase I have seen at least seven different red fox. If you have never seen a red fox they are really beautiful animals. They are the size of a large dog with a beautiful red fur with cream color on the underside. The Winter fur is dense, soft, silky and relatively long.

The red fox is not always the classic red color. There are many different phase and color variations which give the red fox many different names such as the black fox, the silver fox, cross fox, the samson fox and there are also albinos. Occasionally we will see a gray fox but only about 2-3 times a year.

My Work

Be sure to check some of the letters and emails from wonderful people who have purchased from me.


A Surprise Package ….


A Surprised Package From a Wonderful Blogger Friend

Something exciting happened late yesterday afternoon and why bother having a blog if you don’t use it to tell people exciting things, right?

Yesterday, when I go to check the mail I have a package. I thought my wife had ordered something but it was addressed to me.   I had received in the mail a wonderful surprise from a blogger friend, Julie who lives in Georgia, USA. I have an extra long driveway so the walk back to the house was even longer thinking about the package and what’s inside.  Julie had mentioned she was sending me a package but what a wonderful surprise! 🙂

homemade madagascar bourbon vanilla extract

Can’t wait to see what’s in the box, excitement! Wow, bubble wrap, it sure is packaged really well! 🙂

homemade madagascar bourbon vanilla extract

Happy and smiling, 🙂 wow, what a surprise, two bottles of homemade vanilla extract from Julie, my blogger friend! Julie sent me two different kinds of her homemade vanilla extract, Madagascar and tahitian vanilla beans using bourbon and honey bourbon as well as a bottle of  tahitian vanilla beans using vodka . Julie knew I loved to cook and bake. I love these bottles…boy it smells great too, I think I could almost drink it.  I can’t wait to try it. Julie included a very nice note and she says to use the bourbon base vanilla when making things wiht chocolate and the vodka base vanilla for anything else. She doesn’t strain her extract because she prefers the presence of the small seeds and I agree with her, I do as well. I think it adds more flavor to any recipe.

Julie blogs everyday, very inspirational, you can tell she pours her heart into her blog and is a very dedicated blogger. Of all beautiful things she writes about, she also writes about food. Julie posted months ago about making her homemade vanilla extract. To learn more about Julie and her homemade vanilla extract visit her site cookiecrumbstoliveby .

Thank you so much Julie! I appreciate your friendship, kindness, you made my day and made me feel very special! I can’t wait to try your homemade vanilla!

Oriental Lilies and Geraniums

oriental lily star gazer flower

I love growing Oriental Lilies for the beautiful trumpet flowers, their wonderful fragrance and using them in flower arrangements. This is the Oriental Lily Start Gazer and it is the last flower that I will have this year. I grow a lot of Oriental Lilies, I just love the beauty of the flowers and they have the most wonderful fragrance too. I usually cut the flowers early in the morning then I hold the flower unside down and with a small pair of scissors I cut the male anthers. This will keep the flower looking nice.

If you have the space in your garden for Oriental Lilies you should give them a try. They are relatively easy to grow as long as you have amended soils. Purchase large bulbs and you will have large flowers. Smaller bulbs will take a couple years to get large flowers.  I will tell you that the deer love them, so don’t plant them if you have deer.


Geraniums are easy to grow and are fairly reliable. My wife likes to grow geraniums in posts. She has them everywhere, on the deck on the front porch, etc.. She love the fuchsia color geraniums and sometimes they can be hard to find. Last year we drove to nearly all the local nurseries before we found them. If you water and fertilize them they will bloom all summer.