Favorite Fragrance

June 27, 2014

oriental lilies dizzy

Oriental Lily Dizzy

These are my Oriental Lilies that I purchased in December last year. The oriental lilies have the most wonderful fragrance and it is one of my favorites! The fragrance is very sweet and if you plant oriental lilies you need to plant them near your deck or door way, bedroom windows so that you can savor their fragrance every possible moment!


Garden View

In January 2014 when I received the lily bulbs I posted Growing Oriental Lily Bulbs. If you would like to learn more about the bulbs and growing these read my old post. Oriental lilies are easy to grow with big rewards when they bloom.


Oriental Lily Muscadet 


Oriental Lily Dizzy 


Oriental Lily Dizzy 


Oriental Lily Stargazer

My wife really loves the colors of the Stargazer!


Oriental Lily Stargazer


Oriental lilies are great for flower arrangements. Debbie has made several flower arrangements and placed them throughout the house!

I hope everyone has a Great Weekend!!




Oriental Lilies and Geraniums

oriental lily star gazer flower

I love growing Oriental Lilies for the beautiful trumpet flowers, their wonderful fragrance and using them in flower arrangements. This is the Oriental Lily Start Gazer and it is the last flower that I will have this year. I grow a lot of Oriental Lilies, I just love the beauty of the flowers and they have the most wonderful fragrance too. I usually cut the flowers early in the morning then I hold the flower unside down and with a small pair of scissors I cut the male anthers. This will keep the flower looking nice.

If you have the space in your garden for Oriental Lilies you should give them a try. They are relatively easy to grow as long as you have amended soils. Purchase large bulbs and you will have large flowers. Smaller bulbs will take a couple years to get large flowers.  I will tell you that the deer love them, so don’t plant them if you have deer.


Geraniums are easy to grow and are fairly reliable. My wife likes to grow geraniums in posts. She has them everywhere, on the deck on the front porch, etc.. She love the fuchsia color geraniums and sometimes they can be hard to find. Last year we drove to nearly all the local nurseries before we found them. If you water and fertilize them they will bloom all summer.