And The Winner Is?

July 18, 2014


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! I wrote all the names on pieces of paper and shuffled them around a couple times. My wife picked out one name. The winner of my double handled cutting board is……


Congratulationg to Suzanne!! Check out Suzanne’s web site, apuginthekitchen  🙂

Suzanne, please send me an email with your full name and street address so that I can get the cutting board shipped to you!!! 

I want to thank everyone for posting comments 🙂



Happy Anniversary

June 3, 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s been 1 year since I wrote my first post, unsure of where it would take me. I am a woodworker so I wanted to show my woodwork but I also enjoy cooking, grilling, hiking, camping, gardening, mountain wildlife and bird watching. So, I intended to focus on all the things I enjoy doing and my experiences.

You have allowed me to share a little of my life. We have had good times, a lot of laughs but serious moments too! You have supported me during those bad days offering kind words, suggestions and prayers.

Since my initial post, I’ve made 161 blog post, had over 25,650 hits and 2000 plus comments. The top three post based on visits and your comments are are all dessert recipes and there is a tie for the #3 spot.

#1 most visited post
Hot Fudge Sauce, Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream
#2 most visited post
Chocolate Cheesecake
#3 most visit post
Best Ever Strawberry Pie and Making Crème Brûlée

hot fudge cake and ice cream   chocolate cheesecake recipe

fresh strawberry pie   creme brulee

Blogging has been fun and the best part is, that I have met some wonderful people blogging that I probably would have never ever met. I have also learned a lot from you and have enjoyed so much reading your post and all your wonderful comments as well as seeing all of your beautiful pictures!

I want to thank everyone, to all my readers, subscribers, followers, friends and blogger friends, thank you for all of your support with a special thank you to those that comment on all my post! I am celebrating by offering you the chance to win!

Leave a comment on this post from now until the end of day on July 17th, and on July 18th I will draw the name of the lucky winner.  The prize?


One of my handcrafted double handle cutting boards or serving board,… fruit not included! Someone will win the board pictured above!! This board is made by me in my shop, by hand from local American Walnut, rock hard Maple and Northern Cherry.


What is your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?



Mars seedless grapes from my garden vines!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!