Steamed Oysters and Shrimp Boil


If you love steamed oysters you would have loved our party!!  We also did boiled shrimp, hot sausage, red potatoes and corn!


Everyone was on their own to open the oysters and peel the shrimp! It can be messy  but it is certainly delicious! It was fun and with all the really, really cold beer it was all delicious!!


Everything was fresh, had been caught early that morning. Oysters and jumbo shrimp from the South Carolina coast. It didn’t take us very long to get all the sausage, potatoes and corn cut. Took even less time to cook once the water was boiling!

What a great evening!!

If you have never tried steaming oysters or a shrimp boil?…. it is very easy and is great for a party! 🙂  Do you like oysters and shrimp boil?