Lemon Lime and Sum & Substance


Lemon LIme Hosta

Lemon Lime Hosta

All of my hostas are looking great! All of the small to medium size hostas have completely emerged but the large to huge hostas are still unfurling their leaves.

Lemon Lime is a small hosta with wavy yellow-green pointed leaves that grows anywhere from 5 to 10 inches tall. It has a tightly formed clump and makes a great border plant. In mid summer pale lavender flowers appear atop a 13 to 15 inch scape.

Hosta are my favorite leaf plants. I have been growing hosta since 1992 and belong to the American Hosta Society as well as our local hosta society. Between 1996 and 2007 I was into hybridizing hosta and had over 1200 different variety of hosta, nearly 2000 plants not including the 1500 to 2000 seedlings I was growing. I actually still have tens of thousands of hosta seed in the freezer in small envelopes, labeled with all of the crossing of plants.

During my years of hybridizing I registered several plants with the American Hosta Society. I don’t grow as many plants any more but I do love growing them so I wanted to share a few pictures!

Sum and Substance hosta

Sum and Substance Hosta

Sum and Substance is a huge hosta that will grow to a height of 3 to 4 feet under the right conditions. The Sum and Substance above is 6 feet is diameter and nearly 4 feet tall. These pictures don’t really do this plant justice. The leaves are huge, the largest leaf this plant is 16 inches wide and 21-1/4 inches long. Later in the summer there will be lavender flowers on tall scapes. Sum and Substance can grow in full sun but you will more than likely get some burning on the edges of the leaves and it will require more water. Ideal conditions would be morning sun and afternoon shade.

Hostas will thrive in acidic soil and will grow larger than normal under ideal soil conditions as well as the right amount of water and fertilizer. They love coffee grinds mixed into the soil and fish emulsion often. When watering do not get water on the leaves especially during the hot time of the day.

Sum and Substance hosta

If you want to learn more about hostas I would suggest you join the American Hosta Society.

I will post more hosta pictures in the up coming week!

Enjoy your weekend, be sure to have some fun and laugh!


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