Things I Saw

Wanting to be alone yesterday afternoon I took a long hike down the mountain. I needed time alone to think and I also wanted to take a few pictures for a post today.

small stream

I hiked toward a small pond that is feed by a small stream. As I approached the pond I could hear and see a dozen or more water frogs jumping into the water. This pond is only 10 feet deep with crystal clear water, I could see the bottom covered in leaves. This pond is feed by a small stream that runs above ground but in a few areas runs underground. I forgot to take any pictures until I started hiking back along the stream.

Here are a few pictures of the things I saw!

fungi and lichen growing on tree

moss growing on fallen tree

fungi and lichen growing on tree

native wild flower

I am not sure of the name of this native wild flower but as I looked around they were everywhere. Do you know the name of this plant?

The first visitor today, which was Tex, see her post below, identified this flower as Bloodroot. I was also given a link by Elizabeth,

native wild flower

hole in tree

hole in tree

odd looking bark on white oak tree

Odd looking bark on the south side of this huge White Oak tree.

hickory nut

Half of a Hickory nut, probably opened and eaten by a squirrel.

native wild flower


Love is not about how much you say I Love You
But how much you prove that it’s true!

Enjoy Your Sunday!


Mountain Stream

mountain stream

As I walk, I hear no sound but my own from the footstep on the leaves. Suddenly, I can hear the water from the mountain stream and a bird chirping near by. I love this stream, it’s beautiful, all the moss, the trees that have falls into and around the water, and the huge rocks covered in moss. The Mountain Laurel is weeping from the cold. The water is clear and ice cold. I find a place to sit awhile near the stream, it so beautiful here and so peaceful!

Find time to laugh today!