Mountain Trillium



Pink Trillium

Yesterday evening took another short hike and found a few more trillium blooming. It is suppose to rain later today and I knew if there were any trillium blooming the rain would damage them.


White Trillium


Pink Turtlehead Flower

I also found a Pink Turtlehead flower!

Enjoy! 🙂


Mountain Flowers



White Trillium

We have been getting a lot of afternoon thunder storms with heavy rains. Yesterday in less than 45 minutes we had a little over one inch of rain. I took a short hike today and found the trillium blooming along with the Rhododendron.

white rhododendron flower


As I am writing this post it is raining again and thundering like crazy. The rain is not as heavy as yesterday evening but it’s lightning a lot.

white rhododendron flowers


Have a great week everyone! 🙂