July 14, 1014


This morning I spotted this deer browsing around our property, I bet she is one of the deer eating my grapes! I walked down to pick some grapes yesterday evening and found that the deer had been eating again. I bet they have eaten half of all our grapes this year.

It another sunny day and our temperature is suppose to be in the mid 90’s F today and all week with a chance of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Based on our average rain fall we are short this year by 6 inches. I am having to water the garden every evening. I hope rain comes this week!

Enjoy your week!

Hot Fudge Sauce, Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream
Chocolate Cheesecake
Best Ever Strawberry Pie

Making Crème Brûlée

hot fudge cake and ice cream   chocolate cheesecake recipe
fresh strawberry pie   creme brulee


Fog and Rain



Yea, we have rain today!!  It has been three weeks since we have had any rain. Our night was fill with heavy rain and thunder storms. The creek is over flowing this morning which has over filled the pond and lake down stream. This is a good thing!!

Smile and have a great day!

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walnut double handle cutting board