Seedless Grapes

June 28, 2014


Our grape vines are loaded with grapes again this year. Everyone in our family enjoys eating grapes including our two year old grandsons. All the grapes I grow are seedling, so far I have Mars, Neptune and Red Flame. All of these are seedless table grapes. All of these grapes are very sweet, Mars is a slip skin grape.


While at the beach we had deer eat a good many of the grapes but I used Irish Spring soap recommended by Julie at Cookiecrumbstoliveby blog. Julie also has deer visiting her beautiful garden. Check out her post! Julie has a beautiful vegetable garden and has been working hard in her garden, too hard to have the deer take it from her!


If you want to read about how I prepared the soil and planted my grapes, read my post from last year,  Growing Seedless Grapes.

Our youngest grandson is almost 12 months old and he loves grapes. We have to peel them right now because the skin is too tough for me him to eat right now.  He will eat a big handful in a minute!

Nothing better than hand picked fresh sweet seedless grapes! 🙂

Do you grow grapes? What types of grapes do you grow or enjoy eating?