Mountain Laurel & Rhododendron


Mountain Laurel grows wild all over the mountain and is in bloom. It is absolutely specular this year! The first and second picture I took today while on a hike of the Mountain Laurel, very beautiful!



Purple Rhododendrons are also in full bloom! I also took the Rhododendron pictures in our garden today.


Purple Rhododendron are beautiful but so are the pink! Check out the next few pictures of the Pink Rhododendron blooms!

can you spot the tiny ants and insect on the blooms?



So which do you like the best, the Mountain Laurel or the Rhododendrons?

Enjoy your evening!

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Mountain Flowers



White Trillium

We have been getting a lot of afternoon thunder storms with heavy rains. Yesterday in less than 45 minutes we had a little over one inch of rain. I took a short hike today and found the trillium blooming along with the Rhododendron.

white rhododendron flower


As I am writing this post it is raining again and thundering like crazy. The rain is not as heavy as yesterday evening but it’s lightning a lot.

white rhododendron flowers


Have a great week everyone! 🙂